Monthly Archives: June 2012

Home Staging 101

Staging Home to Sell Storage.comLooking to sell your home? There’s no better way to get the house looking good to buyers than employing a little home staging. Home staging? Sounds like putting on a play. Well it kind of is—the idea is to make your space...
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The 25-Box Move

We all know moving can be stressful. But one thing I didn’t anticipate last time I moved was the stress I felt about how much stuff I have. When it was all crammed into a mountain of boxes in the middle of the room, it suddenly seemed simply overwhelming. Was that really all mine? And did...
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Advantages of Apartment Living

Advantages of apartment livingAdvantages of Apartment Living The American Dream is a house with a yard and a white picket fence. But is that really the only option for a good life? Aren’t there some disadvantages to going with the whole detached single-family scenario? Wouldn’t it...
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