Recent Posts by Kenneth McCall The Ultimate Survival Tool recently survived a Zombie Apocalypse in Las Vegas.  Okay, well actually, as part of the Inside Self Storage World Expo, held April 3-5, we showed self storage owners how can help them attract new customers.  Our message was, “don’t be caught dead without!” Zombie Read More

How Do You Stack Up to a Hoarder? Infographic

We all have people in our lives that seem to struggle with clutter.  We laugh it off but hoarding is a serious mental disease that affects many people.   Believe it or not, 1 in 300 in the USA have a hoarding problem! Check out the below infographic to see how you stack up to a...
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What’s Behind The Storage Door: Closet Giveaway

Who hasn’t had the daydream of coming home to a perfectly clean inviting house or waking up each morning to an immaculately organized closet?  HGTV has a plethora of exciting shows that capture my imagination as they transform a plain space into something so much more functional and beautiful. One of the most fun things about...
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