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Kenneth McCall has been a managing partner of Storage.com since 2010. He was drawn to Storage.com because of the impressive growth of the self storage industry and because Storage.com allowed him to channel his energies into web marketing. Ken’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him into ventures across several industries including real estate, technology, and consumer retail. Ken enjoys skiing, hiking, four-wheeling and spending time with his family.

Storage.com Is The Ultimate Survival Tool

How well are you surviving the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?  Storage.com is here to help!  Quite literally we’re meeting with self storage owners all over the country to share our message, “don’t be caught dead without Storage.com!”

Earlier this month Storage.com survived a Zombie Apocalypse in Las Vegas.  This week we moved eastward to Philadelphia, where we shared survival skills as part of the Self Storage Association Trade Show held April 22-24th.DSC_0004 Continue reading

Storage.com The Ultimate Survival Tool

Storage.com recently survived a Zombie Apocalypse in Las Vegas.  Okay, well actually, as part of the Inside Self Storage World Expo, held April 3-5, we showed self storage owners how Storage.com can help them attract new customers.  Our message was, “don’t be caught dead without Storage.com!”

Storage.com Zombie

As a storage aggregator website, we offer self storage owners an opportunity to attract new customers who come to Storage.com looking for self storage.   Storage.com is also a search engine optimization tool for self-storage facilities and is leading out on the trend to make storage more intriguing to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer base.

With our Zombie Apocalypse themed message, the walking dead roamed the trade show floor, performed zombie-style fight/dances and directed attendees to get their personal Zombie Survival Kit by visiting the Storage.com booth.


As the culmination of the campaign, Storage.com guests participated in their very own Zombie Apocalypse.  Guests were transported via a semi-truck limousine (affectionately named the “Land Yacht”) to a shooting range, where they were greeted by zombies.  Guests then had the chance to shoot AK47s, shotguns, M4s and 9mm handguns at zombies (targets, of course).

We believe the storage industry, is making leaps and bounds in its focus on becoming more tech savvy, incorporating strategic marketing plans as well as reaching generations X and Y.  We were excited to meet with innovative self storage owners who are also interested  in doing things differently, in order to survive a Zombie Apocalypse or whatever else comes their way !

What’s Behind the Storage Door Contest: Win Free Professional Organizer Services

Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Self Storage, StorageDo we all dream of that tree-lined home that is as perfectly inviting on the inside as it is on the outside?  I picture that classic white home of Steve Martin’s in Father of the Bride as the perfectly idyllic family home.  My wife loves the Pennsylvania farm house in Marley and Me.   Whatever your vision is of the perfect home, it’s likely organized from inside to out with a place for everything and everything in its place. Continue reading

How Do You Stack Up to a Hoarder? Infographic

We all have people in our lives that seem to struggle with clutter.  We laugh it off but hoarding is a serious mental disease that affects many people.   Believe it or not, 1 in 300 in the USA have a hoarding problem!

Check out the below infographic to see how you stack up to a hoarder.   Continue reading

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What’s Behind The Storage Door: Storage.com Closet Giveaway

Who hasn’t had the daydream of coming home to a perfectly clean inviting house or waking up each morning to an immaculately organized closet?  HGTV has a plethora of exciting shows that capture my imagination as they transform a plain space into something so much more functional and beautiful.

One of the most fun things about these programs is that more often than not the labor, creativity, and cost are all a gift to the recipient. Ever wish you could win an opportunity for some of these prizes without the hoopla of being part of a televised production? Continue reading