DIY Makeup Station

DIY Makeup Vanity

A makeup collection can sometimes be a never-ending pit of products. While that can be a good thing, especially if you’re constantly testing new looks, it can also be a bit of a time-waster. When you’re trying to get ready for work or head out for a night on the town, you don’t have a lot of time to rummage through multiple makeup bags to find that perfect lip gloss or mascara. That’s why you need a designated makeup station—and you don’t even need to buy a brand new house to get it! Continue reading

DIY Pressing Board

Do-it-yourself ironing board

When you’re starting off on your own in a new apartment or home, there are some things you should have. A good example? An iron and an ironing board! Presenting oneself professionally is vital to making it ahead in the workplace and in life. Unfortunately, just starting off also means that your bank account usually looks a little stark, which puts a damper on the things you can afford. So an ironing board probably doesn’t fall into your “needs” list (especially when you need to eat to survive).

No fear! There’s an easy, cheap, and space-saving way to create your very own pressing board instead! This simple alternative to an ironing board is sure to be an attractive alternative for young adults or families just starting out! And it’s a great DIY project! Continue reading

DIY Photo Preserve Project

Preserve Your Old Photos

Somewhere in your home, there’s a collection of some of the most precious things in your possession, yet they rarely see the light of day. Stacks of albums and boxes chock-full of your old photographs preserve fond memories, important milestones, and stories of the family heritage. These mementos are far too important to throw out, but some of them may be so old that you’re afraid to really do anything with them. So what do they do? They sit in your basement, taking up space. Let’s change that. Continue reading