Using Your Storage Unit in the Zombie Apocalypse

Storage Unit Zombies

You were one of the naysayers. When friends asked what you’d do to survive the zombie apocalypse, you scoffed. “Like that would ever happen,” you’d say, and then wonder why on earth you were friends with these crazy doomsayers.

Even when the Center for Disease Control issued a statement about preparing for a zombie attack, you thought it was only a joke. But now it’s happened—like really happened. Weird infectious virus and everything, just like the experts said. And guess what? Your built-up inventory of snorts and eyerolls isn’t going to help you.

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Organizing Your Home’s Storage Space

Organizing a Home Storage Room or Closet

Sometimes, your home’s storage space can get cluttered. And with frequent additions over the years, it’s easy to get into the habit of tossing items into storage without a system. Rather than randomly adding items to your storage area, making it so that you can’t get to (or find) the things you need, you should determine what goes where in your storage space. Whether it’s a large storage space, like a room in your basement, or a small storage space, like a closet, organizing this area will save you hassle later.

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Console Tables: Storage and Style


Console tables (a.k.a. as sofa tables) are staples in most homes. They’re the go-to piece when you need to fill that spot in the entryway, the empty wall in the living room, or maybe a wall at the end of a wide hallway—and obviously, when you need a piece of furniture behind your couch. Sofa tables are the perfect place to add a lamp and accessories to inject character in a space, but many people don’t think to use them for additional storage. Continue reading