Meet the Storage Talk blog contributors.'s blog features writers with backgrounds in all things self storage. Collectively the blog authors have more combined experience in self storage, commercial real estate and digital marketing than any other self-storage website.


Bill Hipsher – Bill has been involved in the storage industry for 20 years. Bill's storage ventures include management, marketing, development and sales of self storage facilities. Bill has a background that includes all aspects of commercial real estate and Internet marketing. Bill built the first self storage directory website in the 1990's as a solution for the marketing struggles he faced in the operations of storage facilities. Bill contributes to the blog with digital marketing advice for storage owners, operators and managers. Bill enjoys watching his favorite sports teams and hanging out with his wife and children.

nickNick Bilava – Nick’s vast experience in the sales and marketing field makes him a great fit for He’s incredibly active in the self-storage industry and can be found at various tradeshows and events throughout the nation most of the year. Because of this, Nick has plenty of great travel tips to share on the blog.

westonWeston Cooper– Weston has years of experience in account management and sales and currently works at to help customers with their marketing needs. Weston pitched for the University of Nebraska-Omaha, so you might see him contributing some fitness tips along with general storage tips on the blog.

baileyBailey Hemphill – Bailey, as a content editor, loves organization. In fact, she loves big cleaning days around her home because it means she can reorganize all of her possessions. Don’t be surprised if you see Bailey offering advice on ways to keep your home clean and organized throughout the year on the Storage Talk blog.

emilyEmily Butz – Emily is part of the Content and Internet Marketing team at Emily is a big fan of DIY projects. She enjoys the challenge of creating new things and the rewards the come with building something on her own. That’s why she covers a variety of DIY projects and other home tips on the Storage Talk blog.

jessaJessa Diebel – Jessa is a member of the Content and Internet Marketing team at and is very active on the blog. Since she watches HGTV like it’s her job, the topics she covers concern storage around the home. Some of Jessa’s other interests include drinking coffee, playing tennis, and traveling.

graciGraci Woodworth is a member of the content team at and is fluent in all things storage. Always on the hunt for answers, Graci covers a wide variety of tips on the blog that put the ease back into storage operations. When she’s not talking why-nots and how-tos, she enjoys trying new recipes and all things DIY.

mollyMolly Hammond is a member of the content team at An equal opportunity storage enthusiast, Molly writes about everything, from where to store your extra boat to turning your storage unit into a custom cosplay workshop. When she’s not learning about the evils of plastic bags for clothing storage, she’s eating french fries, watching HBO, and wishing for snow.

stephanieStephanie Hyland is a member of the content team for After working in the newspaper industry for several years, Stephanie is happy to use her journalism experience to conduct interviews, meet new people, and write feature articles and blog posts for In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her husband, cooking, and creating DIY projects.

vinceVince Mancuso is a member of the content team for Having worked as a reporter and editor for a small newspaper, Vince loves finding experts and professionals to talk to about specific topics and trends. Outside of writing, he loves staying in shape and reading science fiction and fantasy.

patrickPatrick Galvan is a member of the content team for Patrick is a passionate writer with an open mind who loves learning about a variety of topics. Whenever he’s not penning articles and blog posts at the office, he enjoys writing fiction and film criticism.

loganLogan Livers is a member of the content team for Logan often writes blog posts about using storage units for creative purposes and how to store outdoor equipment. In his spare time, he likes biking, golfing, playing basketball, and being outdoors.

Hailey Konnath is a member of the content team at She is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she studied journalism and worked for newspapers. When Hailey's not chatting up self storage experts, she enjoys jamming to music, reading and watching football.

Alyssa Cody is a member of the content team at, producing blogs to help storage renters make the most of their storage experience. Alyssa often writes about hobby-related storage topics, from yoga to knitting. In her spare time, you can find her nose deep in a good book or finding new running trails in the Lincoln area.