Peeps for All: DIY Easter Desserts, Gifts and Centerpieces

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Since the first yellow marshmallow chicks were sold in the 1950s, the treats have come a long way. Not only do many kids and, let’s be honest, adults, love to find Peeps in their Easter baskets, but Peeps lovers and DIY fans have found many ways to express their admiration for the confection.

My favorite treat is simple: a yellow bunny dipped into melted dark chocolate. Whether you prefer to eat Peeps, or decorate your table with them, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Now’s the time to get hopping, or cooking!

For Dessert

Sunflowers may be late to bloom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a Peeps Sunflower Cake right now.

The Peeps Brownie Pond looks too lovely to eat, but is sure to please.

As Gifts

The marshmallow treats “bloom” in the Everything’s Coming Up Bunnies Bouquet.

The treats are delightful pendants on Jelly Bean Necklaces.

At the Table

Everyone knows that bunnies love gardens, but you can recreate the outdoors inside. Plant your own Peeps Garden Centerpiece.

At School Parties

Serve stylish Easter drinks. Make some DIY Bunny Peeps Straws to dress up green paper cups.

No bunnies allowed in this special springtime dessert. Use your favorite brightly colored chicks for Peeps Bird Nest Rice Krispy Treats.