DIY Rain Collector

Home Rain Barrel

Rain collectors (also called rain barrels) are gaining popularity recently—and rightfully so. They are environmentally friendly and can save money on water bills. But popularity comes at a price in the retail market, as many store-bought rain barrels will cost you over $100. The good news is that they’re simple to make, and the DIY route is much cheaper.

Here’s how to create your very own DIY rain collector. Continue reading

3 Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Remember how your carpet looked when you first moved into your apartment or house? Spotless, right? And you probably weren’t afraid to have guests over either. But after a few years of wear-and-tear, your carpets might be looking a little…gross. This is especially true if you have kids or pets, who pretty much exist to destroy your home’s carpet.

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, you can’t just vacuum and call it a day. Stains, dirt, hair, and dust all work their way into carpet fibers, so you need to give your carpet a deep clean. That means removing stains, vacuuming, and shampooing or steaming. Continue reading

Using Your Storage Unit in the Zombie Apocalypse

Storage Unit Zombies

You were one of the naysayers. When friends asked what you’d do to survive the zombie apocalypse, you scoffed. “Like that would ever happen,” you’d say, and then wonder why on earth you were friends with these crazy doomsayers.

Even when the Center for Disease Control issued a statement about preparing for a zombie attack, you thought it was only a joke. But now it’s happened—like really happened. Weird infectious virus and everything, just like the experts said. And guess what? Your built-up inventory of snorts and eyerolls isn’t going to help you.

But lucky for you, you have a storage unit. Continue reading

Prepping for the End of the College Semester

End of the Year School

There aren’t many months more hectic than the final one of a college school year. Of course, there are the dreaded finals serving as a roadblock between you and summer bliss, but you also have to move out of your dorm room and maybe even start applying for internships or jobs. Yeah, sometimes “hectic” doesn’t even do it justice.

There are some ways to make it easier on yourself though, but they namely involve avoiding the college student’s arch nemesis—procrastination. Continue reading