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Get Your Damage Deposit Back

How to Get Back Your Apartment Deposit If you’re a renter, you should already be familiar with damage deposits (sometimes called “security deposit”). They are, unfortunately, a necessary evil for the property management to protect themselves from losing money. If you’re a responsible tenant, and you take the...
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5 Best Websites for Apartment Hunting

Websites for Finding an Apartment Once a tedious and stressful practice, searching for a new apartment has become less painful with the introduction of apartment hunting websites. There are a lot of different apartment search websites you can use, but we’ve compiled our top five favorites. Read More

Maximize Small Spaces with Foldable Furniture

As someone who lives in a small house, I’m often struck by how much more space I’d have if only my furniture would fold out of the way when I’m not using it. While I haven’t had the smarts to invest in such foldable gear, it’s out there in spades. If you’re planning to furnish a...
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Organize Your Small Spaces: The Best of the Web

Do you live in tight quarters and wonder how to better organize your small space to advantage? I’ve scoured the Web to bring you some of the best advice on that score. From virtual bookshelves to hidden laundry rooms, these ideas run the gamut.   The Tiny...
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Five Christmas Trees for Smaller Spaces

When I was a kid my family always had huge, lovely Christmas trees that took hours to decorate. I really enjoyed staring at those trees, but when I moved into my first apartment about 15 years ago, I quickly realized that giant Christmas trees aren’t ideal for apartment life! (more…)...
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How to Create an Apartment Garden

Storage Facility, STorage Unit, Mini Storage, Self StorageGreen thumbs don’t have to disappear once you move into city life. With a little bit of space and a healthy amount of creativity, you can create a thriving apartment garden. You might be thinking that you’d...
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Apartment Location: Finding Out What Matters to You

When looking for a place to live, consider your apartment and your neighborhood to be a complete package. While your apartment is certainly the place where you eat, sleep and relax, your neighborhood is, ideally, where you’ll be doing most of your living. Decide what...
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How I Used my Apartment to Supplement My Income

For a long time, I let the extra room in my apartment sit idle. It was my guest room, nicely outfitted for visitors who rarely showed. The rest of the time it was an empty waste of space and money. Everything changed when I...
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What Type of Apartment Is Right for You?

There’s more to choosing an apartment than just moving into the first building you see. Living in a place that doesn’t fit your personality or lifestyle can spell annoyance or even misery. Storage.comI learned this years ago when I settled on a corporate apartment complex on...
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