5 Ways to Pack Efficiently for a Move

Packing for a move? It can be an overwhelming task, but there are lots of ways to maximize your time and space. Here are five tricks to help pack efficiently.

1. Embrace the wardrobe box

Those tall, spacious boxes meant for storing hanging clothes are perfect for all sorts of other things. About.com suggests using them for bulky, lightweight items like comforters and pillows.

Better yet, put non-hanging clothes like sweaters and jeans and items like shoes and belts in bags at the bottom of the box, then hang other clothes on top of those. Continue reading

Tips for Saving Money While Moving

Saving Money While MovingIt nearly broke my heart to toss out a beloved computer chair at the time I was moving across country. The faux leather chair was comfy and practical for a home office, but it just wouldn’t fit in the car. Worse, it was the second of its kind that I’d owned, and because it was too big, it was the second time I had had to leave a chair like this behind.

While it isn’t exactly economical to keep buying the same chair over and over, in the moves I’ve made crisscrossing the country, I have learned a number of tricks to save money. Continue reading