Make Moving Easier on Your Pets

Helping Pets Cope with Moving

Pets don’t understand moving like we do. For them, everything is normal, and then out of nowhere, the furniture they like to lay on is gone, their favorite toys are getting boxed up, and their home starts to look and smell different. Not to mention, they can sense that their owners are overwhelmed or nervous. It’s very unsettling for an animal, especially when they’re suddenly taken to a new place where they’re unsure of their surroundings.

When it comes to moving your pets into a new and unfamiliar home, you want them to be as comfortable as you are. That’s why we’ve come up with some tips to help you and your pet(s) move to a new home—wherever that might be—without worry. Continue reading

Preparing to Move to a New City

Are You Planning to Move to a New City?

Moving to a completely new city can be exciting and terrifying all at once. Maybe you got a new job in a larger city, or maybe you were accepted to a college across the country—or perhaps you and your family just want a change of scenery. Whatever your reason for making a move to a new city, the process is still daunting. That’s why we’ve rounded up some tips to make the moving process go a little smoother for you. Continue reading

Packing Ahead of College Move-Out

Packing Ahead of College-Move Out

One of the most stressful parts of being an on-campus college student is moving out of your dorm at the end of the school year. A smooth move-out requires planning and strategy, which are two things college students fail to do at the end of the year when they’re already stressing about finals. As spring break approaches, you might be gearing up to go back home, so take this chance to get a leg up on your moving process. Continue reading