Impress With Your Home Entryway

Update Your Home's Entryway

When was the last time you updated your home’s entryway? Probably a long time ago, right? It’s hard to keep up with changing design trends in our homes, especially when we have to keep setting out seasonal decorations that we usually can’t even remember to change a month into the next holiday. But you should put more of an effort into the design of your entryway than anywhere else in your home. Why?

Because the entryway is the first place visitors see. Seeing outdated décor and piles of coats, shoes, and purses isn’t inviting, nor does it leave a good impression. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you refresh your entryway.

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Nursery Organization: Making Space for Baby, Storage Unit, Storage FacilityBabies are the smallest members of the family but still manage to take up a lot of space. Even if you try to keep the baby gear from taking over, you’ll likely find that the “must haves” are enough to make your place feel more cramped than ever.

The fact is that unless you want to wear your baby strapped to you 24/7, you need some place to put her down. And unless you want her to sleep in your bed with you (which some do), you’ll need somewhere for her to sleep. And as she gets older, she’ll need some decent place to play where she can learn to roll over, sit up, and eventually crawl. All of this takes space you might not feel you have.

How can you make the room for your new addition when you live in a small or even medium-sized place? We recently did—bringing our daughter home to our 900 square foot townhouse—and have learned a few tricks along the way.

First of all, it’s good to keep things in perspective. According to Grist, Americans’ idea of what’s an acceptable amount of space has transformed radically in the last 60 years. In 1950, the average American family of 3.54 people lived in a home of 983 square feet—the size of a normal two-bedroom apartment in a city today. Today’s average family of 2.67 people lives in a home of almost 2,500 square feet.

So when you feel your place is “just too small” for a baby, take another look at how you’re using your space.

You’ll want to make sure everything you have is worth the space it takes up. Do you have redundant baby gear or things that you don’t use regularly? Do you have things you think you need but really don’t?

Do you keep things around after you’re finished using them “just in case”? I personally kept the co-sleeper next to the bed long after our girl had moved to her crib just in case she needed it again. Now that I’ve folded it up, I can see it’s best to cut the strings and move such things out.

A lot of the stuff babies need—diapers, clothes, blankets, towels—can be stored in drawers and on shelves. Think about going vertical on storage—using bookshelves or wall shelving to keep all this stuff in one place. For example, we use a hanging canvas shoe rack in our coat closet to hold all our baby’s winter gear.

When in doubt, rearrange. Our baby needed a decent play mat after my trick of having her play on our bed ran its course. We rearranged the dining room, carving out one side of the room for some foam tiles where she can sit and learn to move around. The dining table, which used to be in the middle of the floor, is now flush against one wall, and the room actually feels bigger despite one half the room being baby-only.

How have you made space for your baby? Did you need to move to a bigger house, or have you made do with a smaller place? What tips do you have for new parents who are getting ready for a new arrival?

Organizing Your Beauty Essentials

January starts out really gloomy for me. Partly because the holidays are over and the house looks sad and lonely without all of the cheery decorations covering every spare inch of walls and halls. Partly because the weather is nasty, cold and gray and all that I want to do is to curl up with a good book or movie.

And then….

Inspiration comes. I get tired of looking at that mess of necklaces and scarves in my bedroom every single day. I must change it. I must make it more functional and more attractive. I must get to work and get my hands moving once again.

I love January.

I am currently cleaning up my accessories, organizing the girly things in the home, and listening to some great music while I do it.



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This one is the most fun for me, because I love jewelry. All of the colors and memories are fun to revisit and rearrange. There are a lot of really great ideas and ways to organize your baubles. Check these out:


We don’t have counter space in any of the bathrooms of our hundred-plus-year-old home. Displaying makeup is not an option for us. If it were, I would like to use some of these ideas:

Since it is not an option to have counter-displayed makeup, I like these ideas:

Nail polish

Most men I know think that nail polish is makeup. Isn’t that funny? Currently, we put our nail polish in a big clear bin and throw it in our bathroom cabinets. It’s pretty convenient and clean. But, boy, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit nail polish envy with some of these ideas:

Hair Accessories

If you have little girls, you know the issues of losing clips and ribbons and elastics. Oh my! If you have long hair (or any hair, let’s be honest), you have probably lost a few hair accessories as well. Check out these ideas for storing and organizing:

Prettying the Pretties

All of your hair and makeup accessories make you beautiful, so maybe it is time to organize them beautifully. Which area will you work on first? Have you done any of these things to organize your accessories? What is your favorite music to listen to while you clean or organize your home?

Three Tips for Organizing Kids Rooms

One of the biggest struggles for many parents is getting their children to keep their rooms clean and organized. Let’s face it; most kids are more interested in playing with their toys and friends or reading their books than picking up their clothes and games.

So, the key to organizing kids rooms is to make it easy and fun. Let’s take a look how.

organize bed

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Get your Kids Input

Many parents have found that getting your kids organized is much easier when you have their input. Ask them how they would like to organize their room, what kinds of organizational tools they are interested in and even the colors they want to bring into their room for bins or bookshelves.

You might be surprised to find out that your child might have some great ideas as to how they would like to keep their room organized, so together you can work out just the best way to make it happen.

You could actually have a secretly neat and tidy child on your hands, every parents dream come true!

Get Creative Storage

 Long past are the days where organizational products were bland and boring. Now companies make all sorts of great bins, shelves, buckets, bookcases and even lockers that are specifically designed with your kids in mind.

Bright and colorful, these add design into your room and don’t have to be hidden away like the old clear plastic bins of the past. By having your organization bins out in the open and as part of the design, it will just become second nature for your kids to know exactly where everything goes.

Get Simple

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 For a kid’s room, things don’t need to be complex, simplify for your kids to be able to learn that organization is fun and easy.

Start off by making sure that the furniture in your room is kid friendly. While it might be easier for you to store that old bureau in Timmy’s room, it actually might be really hard for him to open the drawers, which is why all his tee shirts end up on the ground.

Another old adage is to make it easy for kids to put things away. Get a couple of big colorful tubs for kids to sort and store their toys and clothes. They can use one for dolls, another for Legos, a third for puzzles and so on. This way, there is no digging around trying to find a specific toy because your kid will know exactly what bin it’s in.

Any Additional Tips?

 Do you have children that love to keep their rooms organized? Have you been able to find some great storage or organizational options that are working well for your family? Let us know in the comments!