What to Pack for Spring Break

iStock_000012289725XSmallMy husband and I just got back from a late-winter break to warm(er) California. It was so wonderful to get out of the snow and cold that I am already dreaming about where to go for Spring Break!

This recent trip was a hilarious comparison study between an under-packer and a perfect packer. I will let you guess which one I was (bragging aside, it was a first—usually I am an over-packer). My poor husband was trying to keep his packing simple. He kept it so simple that he had to buy a few items while we were vacationing to make up for what his suitcase lacked. Continue reading

The 25-Box Move

We all know moving can be stressful. But one thing I didn’t anticipate last time I moved was the stress I felt about how much stuff I have. When it was all crammed into a mountain of boxes in the middle of the room, it suddenly seemed simply overwhelming.

Was that really all mine? And did I really need it all?

The experience left me thinking. Moving really is the best time to weed out what you can put on the trash heap or the donation pile. What if you were to limit yourself to a certain number of boxes and force yourself to discard all but what could fit inside?

I mentioned the idea to a friend, who actually took me up on it. She was about to move to a smaller place and decided this was the perfect time to try a “25-box move.” Everything that didn’t fit into those 25 boxes would get the old heave-ho. Continue reading