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Jet Ski Storage

Jet Ski in Storage By Logan Livers, Storage.com Now that we're right in the heat of summer, you've undoubtedly taken your jet ski out on the water for a couple of joy rides. Whether you're a lake-goer or a beach bum, jet skis can contribute endless hours of fun...
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Acoustic Guitar Storage

Storing an Acoustic Guitar By Patrick Galvan, Storage.com With its wooden body and nylon (or steel) strings, an acoustic guitar is especially susceptible to damage. Whether it's bumped, stepped on, exposed to water, or subjected to sudden changes in temperature, there are several instances in which a guitar can be damaged...
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Storage for Real Estate Agents

Storage for Realtors By Molly Hammond, Storage.com To be successful in real estate, you need more than a big smile and the ability to sell. You need well-kept files, signage to direct potential homebuyers to an open house, and home décor to makeover a house for...
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Using a 10×20 Storage Unit for Construction Contracting

Construction Storage By Patrick Galvan, Storage.com

A construction project requires weeks—sometimes months—of commitment and hard work. In addition to erecting a good-looking structure, construction contractors constantly worry about the transportation, maintenance, and safety of their equipment. Whether it's a hammer or a forklift, construction equipment needs...

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