Making sure consumers stay on your storage facility’s website long enough to read content or rent a storage unit can be difficult, especially since most consumers in this day and age have short attention spans. Often, though, it’s not the attention spans of your consumers that drives them away from your website; it’s the website, itself. If your storage website doesn’t deliver what they want or need immediately, your site visitors will leave. Worse, they may never return, meaning you’ve lost out on potential conversions.

To keep site visitors for a longer period of time (and even attract new visitors), you may want to look at these three areas where your website could be shooting itself in the foot, so to speak.

Your Website’s Speed

People don’t like to wait for anything anymore, and this is especially true with websites. If it consistently takes between 5-10 seconds for a webpage to load, site visitors will leave in droves. But how can you improve your website’s speed?

One of the biggest speed roadblocks a website can run into has to do with the size of images. If you keep an image at its largest size (i.e., over 2000px x 1500px), webpages will have a lot of information to load. An easy way to fix this problem is to keep all images below 1000px. Do this, and you may notice better page load times, as well as better time on site numbers.

Your Website’s Design

The way your website looks and feels for site visitors plays a huge role in whether or not they’ll stay on your site for longer than a few seconds. Storage seekers don’t want to show up to a website that’s confusing to navigate or that bombards them with images and content. Simplify the design and include a search function along with navigation menus, and your time on site should drastically improve.

Your Website’s Content

With blog posts and on-page content, be sure everything provides value. If it doesn’t, site visitors will take one look at it and realize there’s nothing for them. Content should be engaging and informative, especially for storage seekers, who often know very little about self storage. Shorten your content to provide concise, helpful information, and visitors may stick around on your site longer.

Always keep an eye on your storage website’s metrics. When you know your customers’s habits on your website, you can adjust your website to cater to their needs. How long they stay on your facility’s website is up to you. Take advantage of the information they give you, and you’ll be happier in the long run.