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Once a tedious and stressful practice, searching for a new apartment has become less painful with the introduction of apartment hunting websites. There are a lot of different apartment search websites you can use, but we’ve compiled our top five favorites.


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Screenshot of is a map-based apartment and home rental search engine. This is a fairly simple website that allows you to easily put location into perspective during your apartment search. The individual listings offer a verification system, floor plans of available apartments, pictures, and prices.


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The posts on are trusted because realtors are the only people who can post or update listings. The postings here have reliable information that can help you find a legitimate apartment, which can be hard to come by when searching for places to live.


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Screenshot for is a search engine that offers a variety of search options in a user-friendly interface., unlike, allows you to search for places with the pet policies, community amenities, and property types you desire. Search through apartment listings of property management companies, as well as private property owners. has a feature that allows you to contact the property owner, too.


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Trulia is a very easy-to-use website (and app) to find homes. The site is basic but reliable. There are a lot of verified sources and images that help give you a sense of the apartment or house. You can narrow your search to look for an apartment community, single family home, condo, townhome, apartment, or loft. Trulia also takes into account crime level, quality of the area schools, commute, apartment amenities, and affordability.


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Lovely, which can be accessed at, is a very clean web app that helps you find a place to rent. You can set strict location parameters on a map, as well as set apartment alerts so you can be notified whenever an apartment that matches your requirements is listed. The app’s newest update introduced a way to pay rent through the app. Another awesome feature is the ability to create a Lovely Renter Card. The Renter Card allows you to advocate for yourself as a renter, including ways to verify employment and more, which can help you gain a leg up on other applicants.

Good luck with your apartment hunt! If you have any favorite apartment searching websites or apps, let us know in the comments or the poll below.

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  1. Hi there! Total shameless promotion here, but if you decide to update this post in the future, please consider adding to the list! It really is a different way to search, more of a eHarmony type service that matches you with exactly what you’re looking for and it’s FREE for renters. We also have tons of great packing and moving tips, city guides and apartment hacks on the blog: Thanks for listening!

  2. Great list, thanks! From my experience, these app are very useful when it comes to finding a property. However, there is one more website that could help tenants to find the rental, it’s called I used it when rented the apartment in SF.


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