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There’s an app for everything now. Need recipes? You got it. Need to look up movie times in your area? No problem. But what about organizing your life from your smartphone or tablet? Oh, yeah—there are thousands of productivity apps just for that.

Some of the hottest organizational apps on the market right now are specifically designed to help with organizing your closet. With features for outfit combination, categorizing by season or item type, and even social style sharing, these closet organization apps are handy and just plain fun. Let’s take a look at some of the best.


Looks is good for people who want really basic closet organization. All you have to do is upload a photo of an article of clothing or an outfit into the app, categorize it using either pre-existing or custom categories, and then save it to the app. Once you’ve uploaded every clothing item and accessory, you have a digital reference of your entire wardrobe.

This app is very useful if you don’t want to physically dig through your closet and pull out clothing and accessories to decide on an outfit. Simply filter your wardrobe in the app to find the things you need, and you can make quick decisions on daily outfits (It’s especially helfpul for people who are always late because they can’t find something to wear).

The app does have a feature for sharing outfits on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the ability to use Facebook or email to ask advice from friends in private through the app.


The user-friendly Closet app helps you organize clothing and accessories by category, outfit, and favorites in a digital closet.

Although taking photos of every accessory and article of clothing and uploading them into Closet’s app takes a lot of time (especially if you have a large wardrobe), it’s worth the organization. Not only can you separate each item into different categories to manage what you have, you can also create multiple “closets” on the app, which is perfect for organizing outfits for different seasons.

The app also has packing lists, which come in handy when planning out what you’re going to wear on business trips or vacations. But the best feature, by far, is the calendar, where you can track what you’ve worn by date with photos and notes.


Stylitics allows you to upload photos of your clothing and accessories and organize them by color, pattern, brand, and more. You can even coordinate items into outfits and plan what you’ll wear each week in advance using the app’s calendar and weather updates.

But it’s not just a personal organizer and planner for your wardrobe. Stylitics is also a social network for fashion lovers, where you can actually get feedback from other users. This is a very useful feature for people who are indecisive about the looks they’re creating and need help pairing items together. Other users can follow you, and you can follow them back to see what outfits they’re creating and wearing, too.

You do have to create a profile with Stylitics, however, which requires an email address and a password.


Cloth functions similarly to Closet, although it focuses more on archiving daily outfits through photos (typically mirror selfies) instead of individual items. This is a good feature for people who don’t necessarily need to organize their closet by each little piece, but rather by different outfit combinations.

Cloth organizes all of your outfits into a feed and allows you to refer back to them at any time. As for organizing, you can categorize outfits by Everyday, Evening, Event, Vacation, Active, and Work, as well as save your favorite looks with “Love It.” The best feature with Cloth, however, is that you can share your outfits through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, as well as on, which is great if you’re looking to show off your style.

The free app is pretty useful, but if you can get better features with the upgraded version (like weather categorization for uploaded outfits).


With Netrobe, you become a social fashion organizer. In fact, the app functions similarly to Instagram in that you can upload photos of clothing and accessories, edit photos, and then share them on your personal profile (Photos also go into the feeds of your followers).

When you upload a photo, you can categorize the item however you want. Using the Styleboard, you can create outfits by combining uploaded items. Outfits can also be added into the calendar so you can manage which outfits were worn on certain days. Another feature of this app is the Lookbook, where you can take photos of fashion-related things to create what’s basically an inspiration board (Pinterest lovers, you will enjoy this feature).

As for the social aspect of the app, share a status with an item, an outfit, or a look in your feed to get likes and comments. You can follow other Netrobe users and even share photos directly to Instagram. You do have to sign up with an email address and a password in order to use the app though.

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