The Millennial generation is still a coveted prize for most cities, and as many in this age range are still establishing themselves in their careers, it’s no surprise they’re more than willing to relocate to the best cities that will take them. And at the very top of the list for Millennial cities in 2020? Denver.

Scoring high in seven key areas, The Mile High City was given the top spot for Millennials by Commercial Cafe. If you’re among this generation looking to move to Denver, here are X things Millennials need to know about Denver.

1. Get to know your Denver neighborhoods

As with most major metros, your community becomes part of who you are in Denver. Thankfully, the city offers you plenty of options. For instance, young professionals will enjoy Downtown Denver with its access to plenty of up and coming jobs as well as plenty of entertainment options from live music to catching a Broncos game. If you’re a Millennial who’s either starting or well on your way to growing a family, checkout other options such as Highland, which is just outside downtown. The point is, you should know your neighborhoods, so explore Denver’s communities.

2. Nature is big in Denver

Between its proximity to the nearby Rocky Mountains, 300 days of annual sunshine, one fo the largest city park systems in the country, and year round offerings of outdoor recreation—from skiing in the winter to rafting in the summer—you’ll find that the outdoors is big in Denver. Sure, the altitude will take some getting used to, but once you get in the swing of things, you’ll likely get swept up in enjoying the great outdoors. So many people already enjoy it, the city is one of the top ten healthiest cities in the country.

3. Job Options are Big in Denver

The Mile High City has jobs, and its job satisfaction proves it. For starters, the city offers plenty of options when it comes to which industry you’ll work, including aerospace, aviation, beverage production, bioscience, and IT-software among others. According to Apartmentalist, nearly 68% of all employees are satisfied with their job, and more than 74% of Millennials specifically enjoy what they do in Denver.

4. Yes, Denver is a beer town

Denver’s first building was a saloon. Now it is home to the Coors Brewery, the world’s largest brewery, as well as the largest beer festival in the nation, the Great American Beer Festival. And when you’re looking for something made on a bit of a smaller scale, there are a number of great local breweries as well. Locals love spots such as the Great Divide Brewing Company, the Epic Brewing Company, or 10 Barrel Brewing.

5. How to help with the cost of living in Denver

While Denver is a great place to live and work, it does come with a bit of a financial cost. According to BestPlaces, Denver’s cost of living is higher than the national average overall. Now, to be fair, the city does offer savings in health (likely due to the healthy nature of the city,) as well as utilities. The highest cost, however, is housing. The median home costs $426,200, which is about $195,000 more than the national average. The same is felt when it comes to apartment renters, with costs going up 2% in the past year.

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