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Graci’s blog posts spotlight a wide range of cities, hobbies, and adventures that are made easier with storage. In her spare time, she likes to keep busy with travel, DIY projects, and trying out new recipes.

The Best Cities for Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts

If you love all things outdoors, then you really ought to consider checking out these cities that have all the outdoor recreation you could ask for. Find out all the fun activities that the residents are having outdoors in Portland, Boulder, Minneapolis, and Asheville!

How One Girl Left it All to Travel the World

There's no experience quite like leaving everything behind to travel the world. We wanted to know more about how to chase the wanderlust dream, so we spoke with Sarah Kehm, who did just that. Read about her experience for key insights on how to successfully become a world-traveler.

Best Neighborhoods for Singles and Young Professionals in L.A.

Los Angeles entrances singles and young professionals from all over the world to make a name and a living for themselves in the sunny city. As you already know, living in the mecca of the entertainment industry isn't a bargain by any means—in fact, it's far from. So where are all of the singles and young professionals migrating to rent in the City of Angels? Take a look at our list of the best neighborhoods.

10 Reasons Why Living in Fort Myers is Like a Permanent...

Moving to Fort Myers or checking it out for a vacation? This city guide can show you why tourists and residents agree that life in Fort Myers is like a trip that never ends.

Transform Your Home: How to Create the Best Home Theater

What's home, sweet home without a sanctuary for binge watching all of your favorite films and shows? Movie junkies and Netflix enthusiasts, unite! Compiled in this post are some of the best tips for transforming any room into the cozy home theater you've always wished for.

Where Do Young Professionals Live in Dallas?

Dallas has long catered to the busy lifestyles of young professionals. Maybe it's the mild temperatures year-round, or maybe it's the remarkable can't-be-found-anywhere-else atmosphere. Whatever the draw, it's easy to see why so many people are sipping the kool-aid with this list of the 3 best neighborhoods in Dallas for young professionals.

Best Places to Live in Washington D.C. for Families

The Nation’s Capital is a home for more than just politicians and lawyers, it’s great for families too! Whether your family is just beginning or is well-established, there’s a D.C. neighborhood with your name on it. Read about the five best neighborhoods for families in Washington D.C.!

DIY Home Organization: Craft Room Hacks

Got a crafty person at home who need their own room? While crafts and hobbies can cause clutter, learn how some simple DIY projects can help better organize your craft room at home.

DIY Home Organization: Bedroom Hacks

Home organization is the best way to get the most out of your space, and the bedroom is one of the rooms where you want to save and use as much room as you can. These DIY organization hacks and ideas can help you get the most from your bedroom.

DIY Home Organization: Kitchen Hacks

Renters and homeowners agree: there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen. Rather than stress about the place getting cluttered, follow these simple DIY hacks to get the most space out of your kitchen.