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How to Store a Plasma TV

How to Store a Plasma TV in Self Storage

If you own a plasma TV, you know just how delicate it can be. Learn what you need to do to properly store a plasma TV, as well as what steps to take before placing your TV in a storage unit.

Storing a Bike in a Downtown Storage Unit

Rather than having a car, you opted for a bike. But you can’t fit it in your downtown apartment's storage space. What should you do then? You don't want to leave it outside where it could get stolen, nor do you want it crowding your living room or kitchen. How about renting a storage unit downtown?

Storing a Surfboard in Self Storage

Summer is right around the corner, and going surfing is on every surfer’s mind. One thing all surfers know is that surfboards are pretty difficult to store and keep in good shape. Perhaps you don’t have the space to store your surfboard(s), or maybe you want to store them in a location that’s closer to your favorite beach. Whatever the situation, storing surfboards in a storage unit can solve all of those problems.