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Molly Hammond is a member of the content team at Storage.com. An equal opportunity storage enthusiast, Molly writes about everything, from where to store your extra boat to turning your storage unit into a custom cosplay workshop. When she’s not learning about the evils of plastic bags for clothing storage, she’s eating french fries, watching HBO, and wishing for snow.

10 Things to Know About Living in Sacramento

This helpful city guide will help you look like a local quick if you’re moving to Sacramento. For instance, don’t pronounce the “t” in Sacramento.

13 Things to Know About Living in Tampa

Every city in Florida is unique, and Tampa is no exception. This useful city guide can show you all you need to know if you’re moving to Tampa.

9 Things You Should Know About Living in Bakersfield

California is so much more than Los Angeles or Hollywood. This city guide will provide you with what you need to know about moving to Bakersfield.

10 Things to Know About Living in Montgomery

Thinking of moving to Montgomery? Alabama’s capital city is full of history, culture, and opportunity. Use this city list to learn what you need to know about life in Montgomery.

11 Things to Know About Living in Richmond

Moving to Richmond? This useful city guide to RVA will show you all you need to know about Virginia’s capital city.

10 Things to Know About Living in Indianapolis

Sports, sports, and more sports. Indianapolis has their fair share of them! Don’t worry, there’s plenty to do during the off-season. Make your way through the city with this Indianapolis guide!

12 Things to Know About Living in Louisville

Kentucky is home to many things, such as fried chicken, horse racing, and bourbon. The Hot Brown Sandwich is definitely worth getting to know. What else is going on in Louisville? Looks like you’ll just have to read this city guide to find out! 

Protecting Batteries in Self Storage During the Winter

Energizer shares the proper ways to store batteries and the items they power, such as using climate-controlled storage units, and knowing what batteries you're using.

How to Store Pottery in Self Storage

Whether for decoration, sentimental value, or the love of the craft, many people enjoy pottery. However, pottery can take up space. Learn how to store pottery as well as prepare it before it’s time in self storage.

Hide Christmas Gifts in Self Storage

Storing Christmas gifts at home isn’t always easy, and in some cases isn’t even possible. Use the additional room in a storage unit to hide Christmas gifts in self storage. Learn how to here.