On the southeast border of Denver, you’ll find the best place to live in Colorado: Aurora. With plenty of job opportunities, bustling culture, nearby amenities, and more, you’ll quickly see why the Gateway to the Rockies is a city you may consider as your new home.

Here are X awesome things about Aurora that you may not have known.

1. Aurora is literally the best place to live in Colorado

It’s not hyperbole on our part to say Aurora is the best Colorado city to live in. It earned the title at the top in a recent Livability article, highlighting many key areas including its many neighborhoods, strong military presence with nearby Buckley Airforce Base, access to healthcare and more.

2. Aurora is the most diverse city in Colorado

According to Niche, not only is Aurora the most diverse city in the state, it also takes the top three spots when you break down diversity by neighborhoods. In a time where people actively seek a pleasant mix of cultures, be sure to checkout such communities as Gateway, Lakeshore, and Kingsborough in Aurora.

3. Life is affordable in Aurora

If the diversity isn’t enough, how about the affordability of finding a home? When you make the comparison of wages compared to median home prices, Aurora is one of the healthiest housing markets in Colorado according to SmartAsset.

4. It’s the “Gateway to the Rockies” for a reason

If you’re traveling from the east, you’ll likely see the Rocky Mountains long before you see Aurora—and the mountains will be that much closer once you arrive. Less than an hour from the foothills, Aurora offers some great outdoor attractions. Locals love checking out nearby outdoor spots such as the Cherry Creek State Park or organizing an excursion with companies such as the Denver Outdoor Adventure Company, who can arrange anything from a hike to kayaking.

5. And let’s not forget the beer

Maybe it’s those very same mountains we mentioned earlier, or maybe it’s the pride of enjoying a locally sourced brew, but many Coloradans love their local beer, with Aurora being no exception. You can find a great time at local-favorite watering holes such as Launch Pad Brewery, Dry Dock Brewery, or Peak to Peak Tap & Brew, all of which offer a variety of delicious beers on tap.

6. Definitely checkout the Stanley Marketplace

Lastly, one thing you need to know about Aurora is the Stanley Marketplace. “No ordinary marketplace,” this amazing spot is home to more than 50 like-minded, independently-owned Colorado businesses that offers you a place for you to “to eat, drink, shop, exercise, play, work, and more.” Be sure to read their stanifesto, which offers a much more in-depth description of how awesome this place is.

Now this list is just a few things that make Aurora an amazing place to live or visit, do you have more you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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