For anyone who lives in a small space, dual purpose furniture can be a dream come true. So it is not surprising as the tiny home trend is beginning to really heat up, that many new pieces of furniture that serve a dual purpose are really starting to show up on the marketplace.

If you are someone who does have a smaller living space and have been struggling for ways to get a little bit more organized and remove some of the clutter, consider taking a look at some of these dual trend pieces, they might be a perfect fit for your needs!

The Daybed

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For a long time, those who lived in smaller studio apartments had few options when it came to furnishings.

But, with dual purpose furniture becoming more popular and designers moving into new trends, the daybed has reemerged from the guest room in grandmas house to a very cool piece of furniture.

Instead of just looking as if there is a bed in the middle of the room, today’s daybeds are really convertible pieces, many can give the appearance of being only a sofa, but with a quick change of the pillows, a bed is made.

This type of piece is perfect for studio apartment dwellers, but also for those who have to make a small office into a guest room. A daybed can still look quite professional, but provide that extra guest bedroom space that may be desperately needed when visitors arrive.

The Pet Bed

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We all know that floor space can be a precious commodity in some homes, and yet being able to find a perfect space to put Fluffy’s personal sleeping area can be a challenge.

That wall space could really be needed for things like an extra shelving unit, or a wider area for the couch.

That is why many modern pet owners are looking into furniture that serves a dual purpose for their pets as well! Enterprising brands have come up with ways to give your pet a place to play and sleep that doesn’t actually take up any more floor space than what you already have.

The secret to many of these is that they are using furniture that already exist. Coffee tables, side tables and even ottomans can all be refigured and repurposed to be able to create a little space for your pet, without having to give up anything extra. If you live in a small area, this could really be the best of both worlds.

Keep Your Eye Out for Trends

The great thing about the small space revolution is that there are always new and interesting trends emerging. You would be surprised at the number of pieces in your home that could actually be repurposed to include more storage or used in more than one way.
Do you have a small space that requires some dual purpose furnishings? Do you have some favorite pieces? Let us know in the comments!

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