Located on in the northern part of the Greater Miami Area sits West Palm Beach. One of the many cities located in this sprawling metropolitan area, West Palm Beach is actually the oldest of these principal cities, having incorporated two years before Miami.

But let’s be honest, the city is only the icing on the cake when it comes to West Palm Beach. With palm tree-lined streets, amazing views of the water, historic and scenic neighborhoods and year-round amazing weather and activities to enjoy, there are many great things to enjoy about West Palm Beach.

Events, Festivals, and More All Year In West Palm Beach

It’s hard to think about anywhere on the Florida coast without thinking about the great weather. Whether you’re a snowbird wintering in West Palm Beach, a resident, or just a tourist, there are events you can enjoy any time in the year, from the nearby Lake Worth Street Painting festival in February to SunFest in May. Here’s a full list to see more.

Check out Downtown West Palm Beach

When it comes to Downtown West Palm Beach, you need to see Clematis Street to get a true flavor of the town. Start a Flagler Drive on the Intracoastal Watery and head west to enjoy the boutiques, restaurants, and other attractions.

You can also enjoy Clematis By Night on Thursdays from 6-9 p.m. to see live music, food and drink messages, and more!

See CityPlace while you’re downtown

If you want to see more of West Palm Beach, you can take a free trolley or a short walk from Clematis Street to CityPlace, West Palm Beach’s favorite outdoor shopping venue. Much like Clematis, CityPlay offers a great mix of entertainment and history, including the Harriet Himmel Theater, a ridiculous number of shops, and an open-air plaza to enjoy the weather.

Enjoy The Arts in West Palm Beach

One thing you’ll find plenty of in West Palm Beach is art and culture. For example, take a day to explore the Norton Museum of Art’s amazing collection 19th- and 20th-century paintings, the more than 50 shops of Antique Row, or the Bohemian art galleries of Northwood Village.

Eat Well in West Palm Beach

We’ve said there are great places to eat in West Palm Beach, but now we have some more specifics. For example, locals love spots like Hullabaloo, an Italian Gastropub that offers you anything from brunch to cheese pizza. Or you can checkout the Avocado Grill for more small plate or tapas options.

While this list offers a few of the best things about West Palm Beach, there are so many more things waiting for you to see and experience, and we encourage you to see them all for yourself! And whether you’re relocating to the area or even just wintering for a few weeks or month, checkout how West Palm Beach self storage can help you why you’re here!

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