College Life

On Storage Talk, we provide useful tips for college students along with some comedic relief for the stressful times like finals week. Whether you’re looking to make the most money during the book return process, are interested in studying abroad, learning about schools you’re interested in attending, want to find the schools with the best sports scenes, or just need to laugh, be sure to stop in regularly. We’re here to make college easier!

When you are studying abroad, a college life experience you’ll never forget, you don’t want to worry about your belongings while you’re away. Many students take advantage of using self storage. Here are four things you need to know because self storage is the way to go! 
Officially being “America’s College Town”, Boston has many students who understand dealing with cluttered spaces. Plenty of them are using self storage to help free up space in their dorm rooms. Find out what kind of things they are storing to help improve their college life!
We know what you’re saying: “That’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?” Sharing a storage unit with your roomie is a fantastic way to save both space and money. And saving money is an essential part of college life. See what these two roommates have to say about the experience.