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DIY Organization Ideas

Within this section of Storage Talk, you’ll find DIY hacks and DIY storage ideas that can help you to better organize the different areas of your home! From the kitchen to the bathroom, the living room or garage, we’ve compiled some of the easiest and most effective projects from around the web to make getting your home back in order easier than ever.

The living room gets its name for a reason: it’s where you live your everyday life. And life can bring clutter. Fortunately, you can learn how to organize your home with these DIY tips for the living room.
Entryways can easily be cluttered with shoes, coats, keys, mail, and more. Learn how to better organize your home’s entryway with these ten DIY projects.
If you have the tendency to create clutter in your home, you’re not alone. If you want to get rid of items around the house to clear up space, but still want to hang onto them for the future, consider self storage. Read about how you can declutter your home with a storage unit!
When it comes to organizing your home, the bathroom is one room that can use the most help. Typically a smaller room, these awesome DIY hacks will help you organize your bathroom to maximize your space.
Got a crafty person at home who need their own room? While crafts and hobbies can cause clutter, learn how some simple DIY projects can help better organize your craft room at home.
Renters and homeowners agree: there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen. Rather than stress about the place getting cluttered, follow these simple DIY hacks to get the most space out of your kitchen.
Loft living is great for those who want to be near everything, but not for those who need space. Learn a few simple DIY organizational tips for your small home to get big use out of your cozy loft.

DIY Tie Organizer

Finding the perfect tie organizer can be a huge pain, especially if you have quite a few ties in your wardrobe. This tie organization technique is simple and very inexpensive to create. It’s also a great way for you...
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DIY Makeup Station

Having a lot of makeup can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, you have options, but it can easily become a cluttered mess at home. Learn how to organize your products using this easy DIY makeup station.
Storage for Crafting

Crafting Storage

How to store your crafting supplies   Whether you’re an Etsy shop owner, DIY expert, or just really like the smell of glue, crafting can be anything from a fun hobby to a profitable business. But there’s one thing crafting can...