How to Transform a Spare Room into a Craft Room large

How to Transform a Spare Room into a Craft Room

No matter if you’re a beginner crafter or a seasoned one, you know how much space a craft project can take up. Solution? Transform a room in your home into a craft room! This blog post has five tips to get you started, including advice from three expert crafters!
Things Every Man Cave Should Have large

Things Every Man Cave Should Have

It’s finally time to create the room transformation you’ve always wanted: the man cave. Have you decided what your theme is yet? Compiled here are five different types of man caves and the essentials you’ll need for each to transform your room!

Getting Your Space Ready for Airbnb Hosting

Looking for a really easy way to make a quick buck? The next time you’re out of town, set up your home for an Airbnb user. To make sure your place would be at the top of everyone’s list, we spoke with a few seasoned Airbnb hosts. Simply follow these steps and you’re in business!
The Complete Guide to Downsizing large

The Complete Guide to Downsizing

There are plenty of good reasons to downsize your home, whether it be for financial reasons, location, or you simply don’t have the choice. Use this guide to help you determine whether or not you should downsize your home and how to make downsizing easier.
storage man cave

How Self Storage Can Help You Get a Man Cave at...

From the basement to the spare office, you can transform any room in your home into a man cave with your own DIY project following these simple tips.

How to Fit Many Kids into One Room

Not all of us can live in palaces with a separate bedroom for every kid. More often than not—especially when you have more than...

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Home Storage Ideas

When most people plan on celebrating Earth Day, they are not looking at their self storage facilities for inspiration. This is a time when...

3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Fireplace

A fireplace can be the centerpiece of a house. It provides a gathering spot, a place to cuddle up with a loved one, and...

Organize Your Tailgating Supplies

Now, for me, when the crisp fall air approaches and the leaves start to turn, that can only mean one thing: tailgate season is...

Dual Purpose Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

You love your new apartment; it’s cute and cozy, perfect for one. But, how do you decorate it? Many small apartments are fantastic, except for...