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Room Makeover Ideas

Everybody has a dream for transforming a room in their homey. Whether it’s a craft room, a game room, or a man cave, we’ve put together the blueprint to creating that dream space in your home. Don’t allow the rooms in your house to serve as storage rooms any longer! Take them back and create a better home with our room makeover and transformation blog posts!

What's home, sweet home without a sanctuary for binge watching all of your favorite films and shows? Movie junkies and Netflix enthusiasts, unite! Compiled in this post are some of the best tips for transforming any room into the cozy home theater you've always wished for.
Want to stay fit by working out in your own home? Clear out that spare room, basement, or garage and make room for your very own home gym! Storage.com spoke with Matt Goodwin, Director of Sales for EliteFTS, about all the essentials you will need to reach any fitness goals you may have. 
No matter if you’re a beginner crafter or a seasoned one, you know how much space a craft project can take up. Solution? Transform a room in your home into a craft room! This blog post has five tips to get you started, including advice from three expert crafters!
It’s finally time to create the room transformation you’ve always wanted: the man cave. Have you decided what your theme is yet? Compiled here are five different types of man caves and the essentials you’ll need for each to transform your room!
From the basement to the spare office, you can transform any room in your home into a man cave with your own DIY project following these simple tips.