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Welcome to the Moving section of Storage Talk! Here you’ll find all sorts of helpful information related to moving to a new home. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to make the moving process a breeze, or specific tips about buying, selling, and renting, we’ve got you covered. In the beginning states of moving? Take a look at our helpful city guides where we break down the top characteristics of some of the best cities in the country. If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods that cater to your lifestyle, check out our rendition of the best places to live in the U.S.

12 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas, Texas

Dallas is huge. No, really, it’s one of the top ten largest U.S. cities. That being said, you’ll need a city guide to help you get acquainted with this Texas city.  Here are 12 things to know about Dallas before you move there.

9 Reasons Why You Should Move To Cape Coral, FL

If you’re moving to Cape Coral, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! We’re jealous of you. With the beautiful waterfront properties, healthy supply of beaches, and visits to Disney World at your leisure, there’s much to rave about moving to Cape Coral. Perhaps the rest of the items on this Cape Coral city guide will entice you to move there!

9 Things to Know Before Moving to Mesa

If you’re looking to move to a city with lots of sunshine, outdoor activities, and education opportunities, you ought to take a look at Mesa. Read this city guide to find out more about this Arizona city!

12 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Memphis

Head on down to Memphis, Tennessee for their famous bbq, music scene, Beale Street, and nine other things this Southeastern city has to offer. Read this city guide to ensure that you are ready for Memphis because Memphis is ready for you!

12 Things to Know About Living in Baton Rouge

If nothing else, you should move to Baton Rouge for the Cajun food alone. But there are many other lovable features in this fun city, too. Read this city guide to Baton Rouge and see what else they’ve got going on down south!

12 Things to Know About Living in Louisville

Kentucky is home to many things, such as fried chicken, horse racing, and bourbon. The Hot Brown Sandwich is definitely worth getting to know. What else is going on in Louisville? Looks like you’ll just have to read this city guide to find out! 

9 Things to Know Before You Move to Columbia

Columbia, South Carolina is a city that is perfect for college students, retirees, and families. Find out why this sunny city caters to all three in this city guide to Columbia!

9 Attractions to Visit After You Move to Amarillo

So, you’ve already moved to the Yellow Rose of Texas. What now? We know! How about visiting these nine awesome must-see attractions in Amarillo? You might as well do all the tourist-y things and become the city guide yourself for when you have visitors!

12 Things to Know About Living in Columbus, GA

Columbus, GA is a city that’s full of history. You’ll have to take visitors to the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, the Coca-Cola Space Science Center, and the Springer Opera House. Be sure to read this city guide to Columbus so that you can become the resident expert about life in this Georgia city!

9 Things to Know About Living in Lafayette

Those moving to Lafayette can enjoy a warm climate and a vibrant culture. This helpful city guide will help show you all you need to know about life in Lafayette.