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When storing valuable items, you want to know that they will remain in pristine condition. If you have any questions about whether a particular item may need climate controlled storage, this is the place for you. Here at Storage Talk, we break down plenty of common questions people have about climate-controlled self storage. Questions like, “Do I need climate controlled storage in my area?”, “Will I need climate controlled storage when storing vintage jewelry?”, “Is climate controlled storage really necessary?”, and much more. You have questions about self-storage, and we have the answers. Take a look around to learn all there is to learn about climate-controlled storage and the benefits it provides.

According to MovingLabor.com, May is in the peak moving season. It’s a time where you could be relocating to a new neighborhood in the same city or perhaps across the country in pursuit of a job. You may have weeks...
There’s a lot more to storing baby gear in a storage unit than simply throwing it in there and locking the door. It’s actually a particular process, depending on what it is you choose to store. But if you plan on having more kids, saving as much as you can from your first child is definitely the way to go. See what advice owner of Cluttershrink, Crystal Sabalaske, has to offer!
Pinball machines are alive and well, and Storage.com spoke with the largest and oldest pinball manufacturer in the world about how to store them. Read here for Stern Pinball’s advice on how to properly upkeep and store a pinball machine.
Not sure whether you need climate-controlled storage or not? Check out the important differences between the two to help you determine what type of storage is best for you.
Books can educate and entertain, as well as take up space. Learn how self storage can help store your books as well as steps to prepare them for storage.
Do you play the trombone? Then read this post on how to clean it, store it in the proper case, and find the right storage environment to keep it in prime condition. Don’t forget to watch the instructional video at the end!
Many people like to keep newspaper articles for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, newspapers don’t last long in the wrong kind of storage. To learn how you can store newspapers without them becoming yellow and brittle, read here!
Energizer shares the proper ways to store batteries and the items they power, such as using climate-controlled storage units, and knowing what batteries you're using.
Taxidermy is a lot of work. If you’re renovating your home, someone in your house doesn’t want them there anymore, or whatever the case may be—don’t shove them somewhere else in the house. Instead, store your collection in a self storage unit. Read how to properly store them in order to keep the taxidermy in-tact.
Whether for decoration, sentimental value, or the love of the craft, many people enjoy pottery. However, pottery can take up space. Learn how to store pottery as well as prepare it before it’s time in self storage.