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Businesses both big and small find that self storage is a time-saving solution during periods of growth, downsizing, or even relocation. If your business is in need of additional storage space for filing, storing unused furniture, or even operations, these posts will help detail the ways self storage can resolve each of these obstacles. Find out how self storage can be beneficial for independent businesses such as interior designers and real estate agents. And while you aren’t typically allowed to operate a business completely out of a storage unit, read how you can still use it to improve your daily operations with features such as WiFi, conference rooms, and increase storage space.

Did you know that some businesses operate out of a storage unit? Seems crazy, right? It’s actually more common than you think. Read about what some storage facilities feature in their units in order to cater to small businesses.
Forklifts are great when you need them. But what about when you don’t need them? They suddenly become a large piece of equipment you’re running out of room for. With the right storage facility that offers the necessary amenities, self storage can be a great place to store company forklifts when they are not in use.
As wedding seasons slow down, DJs often need to put away their equipment. But rather than cluttering up their home with speakers, lighting, and other DJ equipment, a storage facility is a useful alternative. Read how to properly store DJ equipment in a storage unit.
Running a clothing boutique means selling a lot of unique items. As your business grows, so does your inventory. Eventually you might run out of room for everything and you’ll be asking yourself, “Where do I store this stuff?” The answer? Self Storage! Learn how to properly store clothing.
Many real estate agents have to add or remove furniture for home showings. Where are they keeping it when they’re not in use? Many agents use self storage! Find out how else real estate agents are using self storage for their business.
Construction projects are a lot of work, and they require a fair amount of equipment. To keep your equipment working for the long haul, keep it in a storage unit while you are not using it. A 10x20 is the perfect size to store machines like forklifts.