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Are you wondering how to properly store your comic book collection, wedding dress, trumpet, old records, or even your taxidermy collection in a self storage unit before your upcoming move? If so, you have come to the right place! Storage.com is here to help you determine what items are in need of a climate-controlled storage unit, what size of storage unit you will need to accommodate your items, and other important information that will help ensure that your favorite pastime will be in the same condition you left it in once you are settled in your new place. Browse over 75 different belongings and learn how to properly store them!

There’s a lot more to storing baby gear in a storage unit than simply throwing it in there and locking the door. It’s actually a particular process, depending on what it is you choose to store. But if you plan on having more kids, saving as much as you can from your first child is definitely the way to go. See what advice owner of Cluttershrink, Crystal Sabalaske, has to offer!
Keep your piano safe during a relocation or for longer periods of time by hiring a professional and using climate-controlled self storage. Learn more about how a storage unit can protect your piano here.
Jet skis are great fun for the summer, but need to be stored in cooler temperatures. Learn how to store your jet ski with preparations, features, and self storage.
Books can educate and entertain, as well as take up space. Learn how self storage can help store your books as well as steps to prepare them for storage.
Canvas paintings are susceptible to weather-related damages such as fading and warping. Learn how using self storage with climate control can best protect your unframed canvas paintings.
If you own a plasma TV, you know just how delicate it can be. Learn what you need to do to properly store a plasma TV, as well as what steps to take before placing your TV in a storage unit.
Taxidermy is a lot of work. If you’re renovating your home, someone in your house doesn’t want them there anymore, or whatever the case may be—don’t shove them somewhere else in the house. Instead, store your collection in a self storage unit. Read how to properly store them in order to keep the taxidermy in-tact.
Did you know using self storage for a treadmill involves more than just placing it in a storage unit? Find out the right steps to take to ensure your treadmill stays in top condition when using self storage.
When moving or renovating, people will rent a storage unit to temporarily keep furniture safe and out of the way. While most items will be fine in storage, wooden furniture requires more attention. Since wooden furniture is prone to damage, you need to protect it with the right storage conditions.
There are four different kinds of locks you can get for your storage unit: cylinder, disc, closed shackle padlocks, or one-time padlocks. How do you know which one is right for you? This post describes each lock and which situation it is best used for.