Store Your Stuff

Are you wondering how to properly store your comic book collection, wedding dress, trumpet, old records, or even your taxidermy collection in a self storage unit before your upcoming move? If so, you have come to the right place! is here to help you determine what items are in need of a climate-controlled storage unit, what size of storage unit you will need to accommodate your items, and other important information that will help ensure that your favorite pastime will be in the same condition you left it in once you are settled in your new place. Browse over 75 different belongings and learn how to properly store them!

While the advent of digital cameras has made less photo copies less prevalent, many still store old family albums. Check out how to prepare your pictures and what features to look for when using self storage for your photos.
Rather than having a car, you opted for a bike. But you can’t fit it in your downtown apartment's storage space. What should you do then? You don't want to leave it outside where it could get stolen, nor do you want it crowding your living room or kitchen. How about renting a storage unit downtown?
Comic book collecting is a fun hobby to have. It can add up quickly, in turn creating clutter in your home. You may want to consider moving them into a climate-controlled storage unit. Become knowledgeable about how to properly store your comic book collection.
Being a coach of a youth soccer team means you have to carry around a lot of equipment. (Soccer balls, jerseys, cones, coolers, chairs, etc.) Where should you store it all? Why, a storage unit of course! Find a storage facility that is near the soccer field so that pick-up and drop-off of equipment is a breeze.
When it comes to storing a 9mm handgun in your storage unit, there are several safety precautions you must heed as a gun owner. Not only is your 9mm a weapon that, if stolen, can cause more problems for you beyond just replacing it, but it’s also an investment that you want to protect from damage.
Summer is right around the corner, and going surfing is on every surfer’s mind. One thing all surfers know is that surfboards are pretty difficult to store and keep in good shape. Perhaps you don’t have the space to store your surfboard(s), or maybe you want to store them in a location that’s closer to your favorite beach. Whatever the situation, storing surfboards in a storage unit can solve all of those problems.
Believe it or not, storing a wedding dress is like a science. You have to store it properly, or certain elements will ruin it over time. Read this post and watch the video to learn how you should properly store your wedding dress.
Golf carts are the way to go if you want to golf in style. But chances are you don’t have a place to store it at home. Solution? Self storage. Take a look at these simple guidelines for storing your golf cart at a storage facility. 
Chances are your neighborhood is not a huge fan of you parking your RV in your driveway. Here are at least five good reasons why you would be better off storing your RV at a storage facility that features large parking spaces.
There are four different kinds of locks you can get for your storage unit: cylinder, disc, closed shackle padlocks, or one-time padlocks. How do you know which one is right for you? This post describes each lock and which situation it is best used for.