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Ways To Use Storage

Self storage is useful for so many scenarios, it would be hard to imagine them all! But that doesn’t stop us from trying. This section is dedicated to helping our visitors understand how self storage can help them during life changes and various other situations. The possibilities are endless. We’ve got guides, tips, tricks, and expert advice to help you maximize your limited space and budget in ways you never imagined. Be it a mundane task like spring cleaning, or an ambitious endeavor like creating the man cave of your dreams, let us show you how using self storage during the process can make all that a possibility.

Many real estate agents have to add or remove furniture for home showings. Where are they keeping it when they’re not in use? Many agents use self storage! Find out how else real estate agents are using self storage for their business.
With the hectic lifestyles we find ourselves in today, it can be difficult to find your own space for personal yoga. Have you ever thought of using a self storage unit? It’s actually quite a practical and cost-effective option. Find out how to create your own personal yoga space, including a video featuring One Tree Yoga.
Storage.com spoke with Jesse Ament, marketing manager at STORExpress Self Storage, which was created for artists. Many bands use storage units as rehearsal spaces. Find out what he had to say about how to use a storage unit as a soundstage.
Although many health care systems are moving their files over to the computer, some do keep backup hard copies on hand. Surely you’ve seen those shelves upon shelves of files when you go to the doctor’s office. Self storage facilities offer the perfect storing remedy for important files such as these with climate control and advanced security features.
From the basement to the spare office, you can transform any room in your home into a man cave with your own DIY project following these simple tips.
Many storage facilities offer a free moving truck rental when you move in. Some will even offer you a free truck rental period with a new storage unit rental. This comes in handy if you’re moving several items into your unit, such as during a renovation. Read here to find how you can score this kind of deal!
Have you sold your house before you can move into your new one? That’s tricky, especially when you have a truckload of stuff to find a spot for. With month-to-month leases, self storage makes this an easier process. To find out just how you’d go about planning storage when relocating, read on!
Hopefully, when you have to move out of your current home, your new lease has begun. But what if it hasn’t? What are you going to do with all of your belongings in the meantime? With many storage facilities offering month-to-month rentals, using a storage unit can be of great help. 
Spring cleaning means deep cleaning. One of the easier ways to declutter a room in your home is to take everything out and organize it as you put it back. Or transform the room altogether. But if you’re going to tackle a big project like that, it’s going to take you time. Read how a self storage unit is the perfect solution to decluttering or remodeling a room in your home!
Moving in and of itself is a huge chore, especially if you’re moving to another city or state. Did you know that self storage can actually be a huge stress-reliever in the moving process? Read how to make your life easier with self storage.