Every home is different, some come with ample storage and some come with none. Just as some people prefer to have closets every few feet and others look at the character of a home first, then storage later.

In all homes there are times we have to get a little creative with our storage ideas. Mostly because finding some creative solutions not only keeps us out of clutter, but presents a few new ways to get ourselves organized. So, let’s take a look.

Hanging Shoe Bag

Photo via Hellawella.com

Guess what? The hanging shoe bag has a lot more potential than for just hanging shoes, my friend. Over the door storage is a perfect way to clear up valuable floor or shelf space in a home.

Grab a over the door hanging shoe bag and use it in the laundry room or bathroom for keeping those bottles of cleaning supplies organized.

Now you can have two purposes in this. The first, is hiding those ugly bottles — let’s face it cleaning supplies aren’t really the most attractive items to have lying around. And second you can easily see what you have and be able to replace quickly.

Clothes Hangers

Photo via Thecottagehome.blogspot.com

Ah, the simple clothes hanger. Did you know that this is tool is in every organized persons arsenal against clutter? Use a skirt hanger to keep all those tall leather boots you have organized and not slouchy.

Also, you can use the hangers that have 3 or 4 bars (usually called pants holders) as a place to store some of your crafting supplies like ribbon.

This way, you can have all of your ribbon visible and easy to use in one simple spot. Perfect.

Galvanized Buckets

A lot of people love using these buckets, the style fits with a number of decors from rustic to country and, of course it’s a great option for adding in some storage with a cute look.

Use the bucket in a bathroom that has no storage for a couple of towels and toilet paper. Or use it in the living room as the perfect place to store some magazines so they aren’t all over the coffee table.

It makes for a really cool display, doesn’t take up much floor space, and still gets the job done for organization.

Peg Boards

Photo via Storageandglee.blogspot.com

Remember watching all those old episodes of Julia Child cooking at her home in Cambridge, MA (or at least the scenes in Julie and Julia)? She was a devout peg board user for her kitchen. Every pot, pan, lid and tool had it’s place on that wall. Now, you can follow the same idea in your own kitchen.

Peg boards also work well in a garage. If you are having a hard time fitting your cars in the garage now from all of the tools and hoses, get yourself some peg board, and hang up all those tools that take up valuable floor space.

Do you have any of your own creative storage ideas? Do your friends copy all of your organizational tips? Let us know in the comments!

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