The end of the workweek is finally here, which also means that it’s DIY Friday!

This week, I’m going to help you find a way to organize all of the mail that comes through your home every single day with a DIY mail organizer. If you’re anything like me, there are magazines, catalogs, bills, and invitations scattered throughout your living room, dining room, and kitchen. This is not only messy, but also creates a lot of unnecessary clutter.

Did you know that the supplies necessary for a simple mail organizer are most likely closer than you thought? Make a mail organizer that all of your friends and family will envy.

Create a Hanging Folder Mail Station

The easiest way to control your mail is to categorize your items in hanging file folders. Create different categories for each folder—one for bills, one for statements, one for family letters, and one for things that need your attention by the end of the week. If you have a large family (with members who also get a lot of mail) or run a business out of your home, add extra folders as needed. This technique will organize and simplify your mail. If you’re getting a lot of junk mail or extra catalogs you don’t want anymore, put them in a folder and call and ask to be removed from each mailing list during your time off on the weekend.

Cheap Pot Lid Holder Mail Station

This is for anyone looking for a really quick fix to keep their mail in one spot. All you need is a simple pot lid holder to organize your mail. This technique keeps your mail standing up and not in piles that can easily grow out of control!

Stick Your Mail in Shutters

A popular trick to organize your mail is to find old shutters to hang on the wall. Shutters are perfect for sliding letters, bills, and magazines in and keep your mail visible. You can even decorate and paint your shutters so they fit in with your home décor!

Mail doesn’t have to be a pain. Keep your papers organized and increase productivity with any of these awesome DIY mail organizing options!

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