Unlike most picture frames, shadow boxes give you a deeper, more dimensional space to show off or tell a story through your mementos. We’re going to tell you how to create a DIY shadow box in just a few simple steps!

DIY Shadow Box

1. Find or create a wooden box. You can find a wooden box (mostly enclosed, as you’ll want one side open so you can add items later) at a local hardware or craft store. If you can’t find one, you can always make your own. Just determine what size you’ll want (e.g., 12×12) and purchase 4 boards for the sides and 1 board to cover the back.

2. Design your box. Painting your box and adding molding to the front edges will make your box look less like, well, a wooden box. If you want to get really crazy with your design, you can add glitter, tinsel, baby’s breath, dried flowers, or other crafty accents. Whatever you do, just make it your own!

3. Add items to your box. Old photos, concert tickets, jewelry, coin collections, mason jars—you can put just about anything you want in your box. It might be a good idea to have a theme though so it’s not just random items. For example: You could put all of your old medals and ribbons from high school sports or activities in the box.

4. Display your box. Place your box on a coffee table or hang it on the wall (Just make sure you add the proper backing to your box before hanging, otherwise it’ll fall and break!).

Have you made a shadox box before? Share your craft secrets in the comments!

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