Tie Organization

Finding the perfect tie organizer can be a huge pain, especially if you have quite a few ties in your wardrobe. This tie organization technique is simple and very inexpensive to create. It’s also a great way for you to design your own tie holder that fits your needs. All you need is a hanger and your desired number of shower curtain rings. Just make sure the hanger you choose has a bottom (e.g., one that you can hang folded pants onto).

DIY tie organizerAfter you have your desired curtain rings and hanger(s), all you need to do is connect each of the individual rings on the bottom of the hanger. All of the rings should be next to each other. After your rings are connected to the hanger, you are all set.

The great thing about this tie organizer technique is that you can customize how many ties you want on one hanger. It also allows you to organize your ties in different arrangements. One hanger can have all your patterned ties, and the other can have all solid color ties.

However, this organizing technique is not just limited to ties. This can also be a great way to hang your scarves in the wintertime. If you have bow ties, hang those on there too!

If you have a lot of ties, or even just a few, this tie organizer is perfect for any collection. Remember, you don’t have to limit this tie organizer to just your ties. Combine your bow ties and scarves to make it easier on you. Besides, why not have what you need all in one place?

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