By Stephanie Hyland,

After days of discussion regarding how Santa’s flight on Christmas Eve has been conducted over that last few decades, one of Santa’s long-time elves (referring to herself as “Pickle” to mask her identity) sat down with Molly Hammond of and confirmed that a handful of storage units nationwide have played a major role in the successful Christmas Eve deliveries.

Pickle confessed to Hammond that the idea to use self storage units on Christmas Eve first came up in the early 1960s, soon after the storage industry was established.

“Big Red—that’s what we in the business call the boss—started giving some thought to the idea back in the early ‘60s, you know, back when storage units began,” said Pickle. “We long considered setting up pick-up and drop-off locations for these exchanges, but we couldn’t find any place that was safe enough. You know, people tend to notice a big sleigh and reindeer.”

By the 1980s, Big Red had reserved enough storage units to cover the U.S. coastlines, but Pickle admitted that the network has become more sophisticated since then. “These days we have a huge network of storage facilities—the Ten Lords of Leaping, as we call it.”

Hammond asked Pickle how much of the work Santa is actually doing on Christmas Eve to make the operation run smoothly.

“[We] do it all. We’re usually the ones that coordinate the contracts with the storage facilities, so we’ll go down ahead of time and scope it out and make sure that they have all the right conditions. We have to make sure that they are open and ready for us to depart and arrive. We have to make sure that they have the right kind of cookies for Big Red and also he needs his beard oil. He’s very specific about his beard oil.”

While on the topic of coordinating contracts, Hammond pressed Pickle regarding the rumored list of demands that is said to be the main reason why facility operators have cut ties with Santa’s Christmas Eve operation. Pickle confirmed the existence of Santa’s storage contract.

“Well, it’s a mix of things, really,” said Pickle. “From a business perspective, it ensures for us that the storage operator wants to stay on board with us and take this job seriously. On the other hand, Big Red has developed a bit of a ‘rock star’ complex, which is why a few of his demands are a bit more eccentric. Like the beard oil.” has obtained a copy of Santa’s storage contract. In addition to an indemnity clause protecting Santa from legal responsibility for damage caused to storage facilities by his team, the contract lists 12 demands for doing business with him on Christmas Eve, known as the “12 Conditions of Christmas.”

Santa's Storage Rider

Pickle explained why it’s taken so long for Santa’s storage secret to be exposed.

“The big man has always wanted to keep it hush-hush. You know, he says the kids have lost a bit of the whimsy of Christmas—that it takes some of the magic out of it,” Pickle told Hammond. “I’ve always said, ‘What’s the big deal?’ You know, we still have flying reindeer. How much more magical can it get?”

Finally, Pickle revealed why she decided to come forward with Santa’s secret.

“When word first got out about the network, everybody had their own opinions about what we should do. The guys down at the South Pole said, ‘Hey, why don’t we just ship out record levels of coal.’ Big Red’s legal counsel, you know, just wanted to see how we could stall, but a few of us…a few of us thought, why don’t we just come out with the truth and that way people would know they can still trust us? I guess I wanted to come forward because I believe that we do great work, and I just want the world to know that.”

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To download Santa’s “Twelve Conditions of Christmas” contract, click here.

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