eco-friendly-storageSelf storage units aren’t just glorified closets where you can keep your household overflow. Because storage facilities are designed to provide higher-end services like climate controls and enhanced security, you can expect more out of your storage experience from the moment you arrive.

Of course, these kinds of advantages don’t come without drawbacks. Storage in a closet has very little effect on things like electricity usage and environmental impact. Self storage facilities, however, are a drain on the eco-system—if only because of the amount of electricity required to keep security running 24 hours a day and to maintain the climate controls that you rely on to keep your items safe.

Fortunately, storage facilities are becoming more proactive in how they approach things like energy usage. Green storage facilities provide the same great options you’ve come to expect from your storage unit, but with features like:

  • Solar Panels: Because storage units take up quite a bit of space (and have so much empty roof just waiting to be used), they are ideally designed for solar rooftop panels. Many storage facilities are taking advantage of this to get their energy from naturally renewable resources.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting: Less showy than solar panels mounted on top of individual storage units, energy efficient lights are nonetheless a great way to make a big impact. Low costs and fairly easy installation make these a must-have for most self storage facilities. Also many facilities have their lights on timers so individuals accessing their storage are able to turn on lights but the timers automatically shut unnecessary lighting off when the facility is unoccupied.
  • Climate Controls: We all want to know that our items are safe when we put our trust in a self storage facility—especially ones that advertise climate controlled storage units. Fortunately, climate controls don’t just mean expensive heating and cooling equipment (which requires quite a bit of energy to run). Things like weather-stripping and insulation improvements to the structures themselves can provide climate controls without the eco-damage.

How to Get the Most out of Your Self Storage Unit

If working with eco-friendly businesses is important to you, we suggest you talk with a few self storage facilities to get a handle for how they approach this issue. Older storage facilities might not be able to do a complete overhaul of their building, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take steps toward improvement. Use to search for a number of facilities near you and find the one that best fits your eco-friendly storage needs.

Self storage is meant to be a comforting, straightforward solution for people who need off-site facilities for their belongings. Find a storage facility that shares your passion for improving the state of our environment, and rest easy that you’re doing your part to avoid an unnecessary drain on electricity and other services.

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  • Paul Chau

    It is a highly positive gesture that storage facility owners have taken to ensure they provide the best of services to their customers without sacrificing environmental concerns. Since they need to operate around the clock, they need to incorporate environmentally-friendly features and so far they have done just that. They need to factor in both their customers’ well-being as well as what they are doing to the environment.