Board games, cookie jars and vintage typewriters. No, they don’t comprise tonight’s line up at Antiques Roadshow, or what you might find at grandma’s latest garage sale, these are just a few of the things some of your favorite celebrities collect.

Hey, we all have those things we love, from baseball cards, to watches to lighters, and for most of us, one of the most enjoyable aspects of having a collection is being able to proudly display it. For those serious collectors, they might dedicate entire rooms of their home with perfectly customized storage and shelving to display their proud possessions.

And what makes you think that celebrities are any different?

It might surprise you that a few of Hollywood’s leading men collect more than big screen televisions and classic cars.

Tom Hanks is a vintage typewriter fanatic! He takes great pleasure in spotting rare finds from eras like World War II and then getting them restored back to working order so he can type a note to a few friends in the mail every once in a while.

Kiefer Sutherland collects both new and classic Gibson guitars, and estimates are that he has a dedicated display room featuring over thirty of them in his home.

The world renowned Andy Warhol was not just famous for his days creating pop art and his nights at Studio 54, he was in fact, a huge collector of cookie jars.

What started as a childhood obsession led Nicolas Cage to avidly continue to collect comic books well into adult hood. It seems like the collection might have come in very handy too, as he was able to sell off a portion of it to pay for a few legal bills.

Quentin Tarantino is a massive collector of vintage board games. Not only that, but he niches it down one step further and only collects games that are related to classic television shows like The Dukes of Hazzard.

So next time you might be feeling a bit self-conscious about your ball of twine collection, don’t be! Get them out from that shoebox under your bed and put them proudly on display. Not only can you get a few DIY projects going making shelving or cases for them, but it also adds a bit of whimsy and character to any home.

Liz Froment

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