storage-auctionsTen years ago, no one could have guessed that storage facilities would become the famous money-makers they are today. These ordinary-looking sites where people store treasured memories and transition from one home to the next have always been content to remain in the background, providing a service and building good reputations.

These days, however, everyone wants in on the storage auction craze—and storage facilities have stepped into the spotlight in a big way. Whether you are a first-timer interested in learning how you might be able to build a career out of storage auctions, or if you are simply interested in spending a fun day seeing for yourself how these professionals work in real life, we have created a unique resource that allows you to find storage auctions in your area.

Welcome to Storage Auctions at!

Our online storage auction resource is designed to put you in touch with storage facilities currently open to auctions in your location. As part of our lineup of storage facility resources, this feature will help you find key facilities and learn a little bit in the process.

In fact, if this is your first time attempting to visit a storage auction, we suggest a few important first steps to make your experience more enjoyable.

Be Prepared to Buy

You never know when a storage unit is going to capture your interest, so be ready to make a bid. This means:

  • Grab a flashlight and wear comfortable clothes. Although you most likely will have to stand outside the unit to look at the contents (no touching allowed), storage auctions are dirty work. A flashlight can help you see inside and comfortable clothes that can get messy will help if you win the bid.
  • Bring cash to cover your entire bids. Although not every storage unit requires cash for auction wins, it is the most common way of doing business. Many people also find it easier to budget this way. You cannot overbid if the cash is not in hand!
  • Drive a truck or other large vehicle to move the items (as most storage facilities ask that you clear the space within 24 hours of your purchase). A few strong backs to lend a helping hand might not hurt, either.
  • Expect to be disappointed. Storage auction television shows make it seem like every haul is an exciting one, but the truth is that for every great find, there are half a dozen not-so-great ones. If you are here for the fun, that is great—but if you have money-making goals in mind, be prepared for the long haul.
  • Watch and learn. There is no better way to learn how to scour storage auctions than to show up and prepare to learn. Make friendships where you can and take any wisdom that is offered. Because it is so exciting and addictive, you will see quite a few of the same familiar faces at local storage auctions.

Your next storage auction awaits just a click of the mouse away. Visit for more details on getting started. And remember to have fun!

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