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Getting Through Finals Week as Told in GIFs


By Logan Livers, Storage.com

College is as full of new adventures as your car is on the day you move in to your dorm. Storage.com can help you tackle your college career with helpful tips or by providing you a safe storage solution for summer breaks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an engineering major, a pre-med undergraduate, or an English literature student, finals week can be brutal for everyone. With the most dreaded week of the school year rapidly approaching, we could all use a little humor to help us through these tough times. So put off studying a little longer and take a look at finals week as told through GIFs.

With finals coming up, you decide to be a good student and start studying early.

man studying mathematic formulas

Then you quickly realize how awful it is.

Michael from the Office

So you immediately take a study break with your friends.

Ben Stiller in a Jeep

All of a sudden it’s a week before finals and you really have to start studying.

The Hobbit

Following your last class before the exam, a classmate asks you how you’re going to study for the final.

Joker with a plan

Looking over your notes from the semester for the first time, you discover you have more questions than answers.

Jeff Winger from Community studying a book

After studying into the night, the morning of your first exam you wake up late and only have 10 minutes to get to class.

cat racing around a bed

When you get the test, your mind goes blank and you can’t remember anything.

man reading notes on paper

Just as you decide to drink away the pain of your first final, you suddenly remember you have a paper due for another class in a few hours.

Will Arnett from Arrested Development

Instead of drinking, you maniacally write a 10-page paper.

Kermit the Frog writing on a typewriter

Miraculously you finish it and hit submit just minutes before the deadline.

man walking confidently

Meanwhile, all of your friends are already done with their exams but you still have more left.

little boy pouting

When studying for your last final, you keep coming across topics you swear were never taught in class.

Will Ferrell in Zoolander

When you walk out of your last final, you realize that it’s finally over.

Ron Swanson dancing

You get to join all of your friends and celebrate the end of the semester.

Workaholics characters partying


Later, when you check your grades, you find out you did way better than you thought on all of your finals.

surprised winner on the Price is Right

Congratulations! You made it through finals week!

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Home College Life Move Out of the Dorms the Easy Way with Self Storage

Move Out of the Dorms the Easy Way with Self Storage


By Stephanie Hyland, Storage.com

College is as full of new adventures as your car is on the day you move in to your dorm. Storage.com can help you tackle your college career with helpful tips or by providing you a safe storage solution for summer breaks.

Whether you’re moving in with Mom and Dad for the summer, going to another city for an internship, or are studying abroad, a self storage unit can make the move out of your dorm room easy and stress-free! Keep your things close to campus for a couple of months and avoid the hassle of hauling everything home. With storage facilities offering a variety of unit sizes and features, finding a storage unit that best suits your needs is a breeze with Storage.com.

Moving in with Mom and Dad

When it comes to living with your parents for the summer, space can be tight if they’ve reclaimed and expanded into your former areas of the house since you moved out. If you’re needing just a little extra closet space to store your seasonal wardrobe, futon, and mini fridge, a 5×5—a unit the size of a walk-in closet—will give you the extra square footage to store your college essentials while living with your parents.

Working a Summer Internship

It’s an amazing feeling to land a prestigious internship with a recognized company, but if you’re traveling to another city for the summer, what will you do with all of your college stuff? If you have a fair amount of belongings to store, including furniture, seasonal clothing, books, personal items, and a bicycle, consider a 5×10 unit.

Studying Abroad for the Summer

College students who plan to study abroad during the summer definitely know how to make the most of their time away from campus. Make the transition out of the dorms easy by renting a storage unit for your college possessions during your trip. If you choose a storage facility near your campus, everything will be close by when you return in the fall. Also, look for a storage facility with vehicle storage if you need to store your car while you’re out of the country.

college student moving out of the dorms

Storage Tips to Consider When Moving out of the Dorms:

  • Unit Size: It’s important to take a quick inventory of everything you will need to put into storage while you are under your parent’s roof or away for the summer. By making a quick checklist of everything you will need to store, you can ensure you get the correct size of storage unit and will not be paying for more space than you need. Making this list will also come in handy if you ever need to track down a specific item after you have moved and you cannot remember if you packed it into your storage unit or not. Need help figuring out what size unit to rent? Use our storage size guide.
  • Facility Location: If you will be storing item(s) that you may need to get to on a weekly or monthly basis, consider looking for a storage facility that is close to your parent’s house or where you work. Being able to swing by on your way home or before work will make your storage unit all that more convenient. If you don’t think you will need any of your stored items until your return to campus in the fall, you can choose a storage facility close to your school.
  • Climate-Controlled Units: If you’re storing your items over the summer in a warm climate, it’s important to select a climate-controlled storage unit. This amenity will keep your unit between 55–85°F year-round and the humidity level will be regulated. Many items can be damaged by extreme heat and humidity, such as fabrics, wood furniture, electronics, and books, so find a storage facility with climate control.
  • Short-Term Rental Agreement: If you only plan to store your items for a few months over the summer, look for a storage facility that offers flexible leases on a weekly or monthly basis. That way you won’t be stuck in a lease longer than you need it.
  • Student Discounts: Ask storage operators if they apply student discounts to rental fees. Many storage facilities will offer a discount to individuals who can show a current student ID. Also, some facilities offer a free moving truck rental with unit rental, which can make your move out of the dorm quick and easy at no extra cost to you. Lastly, some facilities offer online rental specials, such as one month free, so look for a unit at Storage.com to take advantage of web-only deals.

Finding a storage unit to suit your needs is easy! Just search for a storage facility by location at Storage.com and reserve a unit online in minutes.


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    It is common to see self storage facilities within the vicinity of educational institutions these days. This is because students prefer to store their belongings nearby rather than hauling their entire loot back home and transporting it back again when school reopens. It just saves them all the trouble and time as well.