For some people, going out of town on a temporary work assignment is a regular part of life. Whether you are a soldier going overseas for deployment or someone traveling to another part of the country for some extra training, your job might require you to leave home for a short time every now and then. You don’t want to leave all of your worldly possessions unattended during your absence, so you’ll either need to hire someone to house-sit for you or find a safe, secure location to store your belongings until you return.

You can provide yourself some extra peace of mind during these out-of-town assignments by moving your important belongings into a self storage unit. Your items will receive the protection they need and, if you pick the right facility, someone will remain on-site to keep watch. Here are some of the reasons to use a self storage unit when you’re on a temporary work assignment.

Self Storage and Security for Your Possessions

shutterstock_70909330Your number one concern when going out of town is making sure everything you own remains safe from thieves, vandals, as well as the elements. So when choosing a self storage facility, it’s not enough that you pick an indoor storage unit. You should also make sure the facility operator can make good on modern-day security features. At the very least, the facility should have a video surveillance system so that everything on the property—including your unit—is monitored throughout the day. A fenced-in perimeter with a gate will also make sure that only people with authorization can enter the facility grounds. If you have any further concerns, some storage operators offer individually alarmed units.

Of course, one advantage to hiring someone to house-sit for you is someone remains close by throughout the day. However, self storage can provide this too! Ask if the facility of your choice has on-site management. This way, in case something happens, someone will be around to take care of the situation.

Short-Term Lease Agreements

Very often, the amount of time you will be out of town on work varies. You might be gone for no more than a week, for as long as a year, or somewhere in-between. Since the duration of your absence is oftentimes determined for you and will vary from case to case, you’ll want to ensure you don’t have to pay for a storage unit any longer than necessary. It would inconvenience you to pay a year-long lease when you only need a few month’s worth of it. For this reason, you should look for a facility which offers short-term, easily renewable lease agreements. This way, you can pay as you go and simply not renew once your need for a storage unit has ended.

A flexible lease agreement is also valuable should your schedule suddenly change. Who knows? You might end up coming home early or staying longer than you anticipated.

Don’t Forget About Your Car

Parking GarageAutomobiles are a common possession put into storage when the owner is going out of town for a long time. For instance, if you are in the military and will be going overseas on deployment, you obviously will not be able to bring your vehicle with you. How about flying to another part of the country for some extra training? Leaving an automobile unattended for so long only increases the likelihood of theft and vandalism, so it would benefit you to move it into storage. What’s more, you also get a few options when it comes to vehicle storage. You can keep it outside in a designated parking lot, or you can pay a little more store it inside. In essence, you’d treat your storage unit as a makeshift garage. This typically costs a little more, but if you are concerned about your vehicle and want it to be safe from the elements, it is well worth the extra money.

When going out of town for work, your mind with be busy with plenty of other things. However, if you have all of your worldly possessions in a storage unit which is well-maintained and up-to-date on security, you can rest assured they will remain safe until your return and focus on your business at hand.


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  • ericbosloor

    I have always been comfortable having at least a single person staying in the house with me. Hence, during temporary work assignments, I have no safety concerns over my worldly possessions in the house. However, should that only person be travelling during the same period that I am on, I truly trust a self storage which offers a high level of surveillance for safety and security.