Tis the season! Now that December is upon us it is time to get your Christmas tree shopping in order.  Now, tree shopping isn’t quite as simple as it seems for some. Not everyone pops over to the local lot in the mall parking lot and picks up a 10 foot perfectly shaped tree.

So, if you have a studio apartment smack in the middle of a city, don’t worry about it, there are the perfect trees out there for every space available.

Let’s get started.

Apartment Living

For smaller places, you are going to need a smaller tree.

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There are a couple of extra considerations that you are going to need to take into account when getting your Christmas tree:

  • Space – this one is a biggie, if you have a really small apartment, then getting a full tree is not going to be a smart option, instead consider a smaller tabletop tree.
  • Heat – a secret tip here, an apartment that runs really dry and hot then you’d want to consider a tree like a Frasier Fir because it does not dry out and drop needles as often.

It might be taboo, but just to lay it out as an option, you could also consider a fake tree. Not quite as authentic true, but there are plenty of nice and inexpensive smaller fake trees that you will be able to store right under your bed the rest of the year.

House Living

Now, for those who have a house, you might have it a bit easier because you’ll have more space than the vast majority of apartments. So, that provides more options.

Photo Via Thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com Christmas Tree Party

However, you are still going to have to pay attention to some important factors:

  • Ceiling height – when you head out shopping for your Christmas tree, make sure you know not only the ceiling height of your room, but also the additional space that the base is going to add as well. You don’t want to be sawing off tree trunk in your driveway!
  • Type of tree – are you a family with a ton of ornaments? Then pick a tree that has stronger branches, something like a White Spruce.
  • Room size – something that people don’t always think about is the actual square footage of a room, for a huge room, get a nice full tree like a Douglas fir to really make a statement.

Special Considerations

Keep in mind that depending on your lifestyle, there will also be some things you will want to think about before you buy your Christmas tree.

Photo Via VickyTH on Flickr
  • Travel schedule – if you spend a lot of time traveling, or away on business, getting a fake tree is a better option because you won’t be around to water it on a consistent basis
  • Kids – if you have kids you are going to want to pay attention to the stability of the tree, as well as how sharp the needles are. You don’t want little hands getting pricked hanging up ornaments.
  • Pets – for pets, your best bet are going to be trees that do not drop needles all over the floor, the last thing you need is fluffy or fido doing their best vacuum impersonations.
  • Extension cords – if there are pets or little ones running around, make every effort to get any cords of lights safely tucked into the tree and away from any prying hands (or paws).

Get Shopping!

Now that you’ve to the plan, you should be good to go with your shopping. Once you follow these tips and tricks, head out to that mall parking lot and pick up your perfect tree!

If you have any tips or suggestions for the best way to pick out the perfect tree for your space, let us know in the comments!

Liz Froment

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