How to quickly find and use self storage

Sometimes our life is laid out ahead of us, and we have the luxury of time and planning to make transitions and steps smooth and easy. Other times things get tossed a wicked curveball from life, and you have to make quick decisions and even faster movements.

If an abrupt job change, college classes suddenly shutting down from thee recent coronavirus, or perhaps other less-pleasant circumstances require you to find and move into a storage unit quickly, here are four simple tips to move in.

Know your basic storage unit features

We highlight specific features further down, but it’s important to know the basics of storage features. Storage facilities offer so much more than a space to put yourself, though you should know how to find the right size storage unit. While there are some finer features to dig into, most storage units will offer the following:

  • Climate change is a feature that preserves your unit at a constant temperature and humidity level, and is ideal for weather-sensitive materials and items.
  • Security comes in a few forms, but most valuable belongings should have a storage facility with video surveillance, onsite management, and electronic gate access.
  • 24 hour access is exactly like it sounds. Need your stuff outside of traditional business hours? No problem.
  • Vehicle storage can help you store a car or boat in an outdoor, fenced-in parking lot, a covered parking spot, or a fully enclosed storage unit.
  • Short term leasing is available in most storage facilities, giving you the space you need temporarily without a long-term contract.

Knowing the basics of self storages will help you quickly hone in the best storage unit for your needs as you can search with these features in mind.

Use drive up access for quick loading and unloading

Another feature that is worthy of its own section is the drive up access feature, which can be crucial when storing a heavy, awkward-to-carry, or an otherwise larger quantity of items. By using drive up access on your storage unit, you can pull your car, truck, or trailer directly to your unit for easy loading and unloading. This feature can also be crucial if you do not have a lot of help in moving, as you and a few helpers don’t have far to go when carrying boxes, furniture, or more.

Use self-serve kiosks if possible

While some facilities do offer 24 hour access, you may not always be able complete the rental process without management present. To help for convenient rentals anytime, you can search for storage facility in your area with self-serve kiosks. These stations allow you to reserve your unit completely on your own, whether that be at 1 a.m. on a Sunday or 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

How to quickly organize your storage unit

Once you’ve found the right storage unit and got it quickly reserved, it’s important to know a safe and organized way to store your belongings. While many items do have specific storage recommendations, there are some basic principles to follow:

  • Do not create one big pile: To help keep things organized, line the walls of your storage unit so you can get access to everything. With larger units, you can create aisles in the middle of your unit as well.
  • Stack items to a point: If you have boxes, it’s recommended you stack with the heaviest boxes at the bottom, but avoid piling up boxes above your shoulders to avoid any accidental falls on yourself or the floor. Be sure to fill any voids—gaps between boxes—with loose materials such as blankets, clothes, or bags.
  • Label boxes if possible: While not always doable in a quick move, it will help your sense of mind if you know what you have in storage and where. So, if possible, label all your boxes clearly. If not, snap some photos with your smartphone and keep them handy for later use.

Moving is rarely easy, and having to store all your stuff quickly can be hectic. If you find yourself in this situation, use these quick tips and things will go much smoother.