The best thing about being rich—aside, of course, from the valet parking and the ability to have someone else deal with hanging your curtains—is that you can buy a castle. You can, in fact, buy a castle and then pay someone to dress its windows. (There is no bigger moving headache, as far as I’m concerned, than mucking about with window treatments.)If you were rich enough to buy a castle, which one would you choose? It turns out that there is a surprisingly large selection to pick from. I stumbled across three of them in a brief perusal of the other day.

This storybook stone castle in Versailles, Kentucky, selling for $30 million, looks like a toy when seen from above. I swear I had one of these Lego sets when I was a kid.

0628ky17This castle-in-a-pond in Miami, Florida, designed and owned by architect Charles Sieger, looks like a movie set and was in fact the setting for rapper Birdman’s 2010 single “Fire Flame.” Would you pay $10.9 million to live surrounded by a mote? whimsical, European-style castle in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, called Castle Rogue’s Manor, is straight out of a fairytale. This one’s a bargain at $1.8 million, but maybe that’s because they’ve got Cinderella scrubbing the floors.

1222arcastle1Which of these castles would you choose? Or do you have your eye on another?

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