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Sometimes, your home’s storage space can get cluttered. And with frequent additions over the years, it’s easy to get into the habit of tossing items into storage without a system. Rather than randomly adding items to your storage area, making it so that you can’t get to (or find) the things you need, you should determine what goes where in your storage space. Whether it’s a large storage space, like a room in your basement, or a small storage space, like a closet, organizing this area will save you hassle later.

Here are some tips for getting your home’s storage space in order.

Use Clear or Labeled Storage Bins. Storing items in clear or labeled plastic bins or tubs makes it easy to see what’s inside and find exactly what you need at a moment’s notice. To label more efficiently, include the room to which these items would normally belong. For example, you can label a bin filled with dishes as “Kitchen – Dishes.”

Keep Similar Items Together. When arranging storage containers, especially if you’re stacking them against a wall or on shelves, keep certain items together so you don’t have to constantly shuffle things around. This works best when organized by season. Then, rather than having to move Christmas ornaments every time you need to get to your summer clothes, you can go right to the summer section of your storage area.

Try Color Coding. Another great way to organize is by color coding. Use colored storage bins (or colored labels) to separate storage items by season, room, or family member.

Utilize Hanging Space. If you’re storing items in a space that has a hanging rod, hang up more than just clothes. Keeping bags, purses, and other accessories off of the floor or shelves opens up more space for other items. Also, if your storage space is a closet, take advantage of the extra space on the door. There are plenty of over-the-door storage hooks and hangers to consider, and they can be a great place to store out-of-season shoes.

What are your space-saving tips for your home’s storage area?

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