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9 Perks of Living in Chesapeake


By Gretchen Pille, Storage.com

Storage.com takes pride in helping people move into their new homes, whether that involves providing a storage unit in between or by helping people discover more about their new city.

Chesapeake, Va., might be the most ideal place to live on the East Coast. It’s got a small town feel with big city opportunities. Mild weather, rich history, affordable housing, and gorgeous natural landmarks are only a few reasons Chesapeake is so special. If you are moving to Chesapeake or just planning a visit, here are 9 things to look forward to when you get there.


Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District

Being only fifteen minutes from Virginia Beach is nice, but Chesapeake contains part of the Intracoastal Waterway and inland water bodies like Lake Drummond and The Dismal Swamp that offer an outdoor experience like nothing else around. Spend a day or an entire weekend fishing, boating, or kayaking at Northwest River Park. If you want to kayak with an expert, outfitters like Adventure Kayak Tours can set up tours so you get the most out of your time on the water. Water sports not your thing? Hiking and birding are other popular outdoor activities in Chesapeake. The Dismal Swamp Canal Trail gives hikers 8.5 miles to take in Chesapeake’s natural beauty, including over 200 different species of birds.


Doggy Dash
via Chesapeake Humane Society

Ask a Chesapeake resident what their favorite thing about living in Chesapeake is, and they will likely tell you about the astounding sense of community. Like most cities in the Greater Coastal Region of Virginia, the folks are nice and the culture is laid back.You may not know everyone in this city of 230,000 people, but the hospitality of its residents when you visit any local establishment will make you feel right at home. Chesapeake Humane Society‘s Doggy Dash, an annual 5k/2k to raise money for animals in need – is just one of many events that allow the Chesapeake community to come together for a great cause.



guy with beer
Photo by Yelp Inc.

Just ask Jim Lantry, the head brewer and co-owner of the city’s first craft brewery Big Ugly Brewing. From inception, the brewery was embraced and supported by both the city’s government and its residents. Though Big Ugly has been up and running a few years, the owners are still amazed by the incredible loyalty of his customers and the continual support from the city of Chesapeake. Nowadays, the only words Jim can use to describe the people who frequent his establishment are extremely loyal. Visiting this brewery is a must, but if you go on a weekend, plan to wait because Big Ugly Brewing is a popular Chesapeake destination.

Cotton Southern Bistro is another Chesapeake favorite that has some of the best comfort food in the Greater Coastal Region of Virginia. If you’ve got a passion (or just a curiosity) for artisanal olive oils, Experience Olives and Grapes is a fun niche Chesapeake shop to check out. And if you love to antique or get crafty, 3 Little Blackbirds is a gift shop that sells repurposed and vintage antiques and holds crafting classes on a regular basis.


fall colors

Summer highs in the area rarely exceed 87 degrees, and winters are relatively modest, with the lowest lows around 17 degrees. The people of Chesapeake are able to enjoy their beautiful outdoors every day of the year in four comfortable, distinctive seasons. Unfair? Absolutely. But it’s all the more reason to escape to Chesapeake every once in a while.


Chrysler Museum
Photo by Allen Brewer

Yes, a great public school system like Chesapeake’s is certainly a perk, but learning certainly doesn’t stop there. Both children and adults have unique opportunities to continue learning outside the classroom at little or no cost. Chesapeake Planetarium, for example, is an extension of Chesapeake Public Schools, and offers free showings every Thursday night at 8 p.m. for anyone interested in learning about astronomy.

Speaking of free, Chesapeake Arboretum has been deemed ‘nature’s classroom’ and you can visit any day of the year without paying an admission fee. Also, a fifteen minute drive to Norfolk will bring you to the Chrysler Museum of Art, one of the best art museums in the country that also happens to have free admission.


Photo by Dean Whitehurst

The Battle of Great Bridge, which reclaimed the Colony of Virginia during the Revolutionary War, occurred in what is now Chesapeake. Residents celebrate and honor their revolutionary heritage each year with a two-day reenactment of the battle, which also includes crafts and educational activities for everyone.


wine festival
via Kaiser Photography

Though Chesapeake does not have any itself, Virginia wineries have poured into the city every year for the last six years to take part in the annual Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival, presented by the Chesapeake Rotary Club and Priority Automotive. People from all over the country flock to the event to enjoy the fresh air, great company, and of course, great wine.


Photo by Jeroen van Luin

This coastal city loves its farms! Bergey’s Breadbasket is a family-owned bakery, creamery, deli, and farm all rolled into one signature Chesapeake business. Mount Pleasant Farms is another great place to enjoy the crisp air and fresh peaches. Both farms hold special events throughout the year, like Bergey’s Corn Maze and Fall Festival at Hickory Ridge Farm. Visit one of these popular locations for lunch, or spend the day there with your family.



via Chesapeake Fine Arts Commission

The Hampton Roads region is home to nearly 20 different military facilities. As a result, this area is home to one of the largest military populations in the world, and Chesapeake is very supportive of those who serve. As a tribute to the American spirit and those who fight to defend our nation, construction on a 9/11 memorial featuring artifacts from the three different crash sites is underway in Chesapeake City Park.

What are some of your favorite spots to visit in Chesapeake? Let us know in the comments section!


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Home Moving City Guides Moving? Self Storage Can Help

Moving? Self Storage Can Help


By Patrick Galvan, Storage.com

Storage.com is your number one ally when moving to a new home. We’re here to provide you with useful moving tips and hacks, or additional storage whenever necessary.

Whether you’re moving across town or to another state, relocation can be a time-consuming and strenuous process. Did you know that self storage can help make the process of moving easier, even before the big day?

Here are some tips and tricks to make moving day a more comfortable experience.

Moving Trucks and Packing Supplies

Some storage facilities provide moving services to make relocation easier. Before you hire a moving company to transport all of your belongings to your new home, ask if your storage provider is able to give you use of a moving truck.

Some storage facilities offer a free truck rental with a unit rental. Others offer truck rentals at discounted rates for tenants. Thanks to these perks, renting a storage unit and moving at your own pace can be an affordable alternative to hiring a moving team to haul everything for you on moving day.

If you’re using a storage facility’s moving truck, ask if it comes supplied with moving blankets and straps to protect your furniture during transit. For heavier items, such as furniture and refrigerators, ask your storage operator if they have a dolly or cart to loan you.

mother and daughter packing to move

You can often find the packing supplies you need at your storage facility, too, including high-quality, sturdy boxes and cushioning materials to better protect your more delicate belongings. Ask your local self storage operator if they can help you out. Some facilities sell packing supplies to clients at a discounted price when you rent from their facility including:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper

Organize Your Move

A storage unit can help you before, during, and even after your move. Use your storage unit to stockpile your belongings between homes, give yourself extra time and space for cleaning before moving day, and move your items into your new place at your own pace.

Once you have packed all of your belongings and are ready to move them into storage, keep them organized by room. Divide your boxes into groups according to what room they will eventually go in. Label and color-code each box, so all your kitchen supplies will be categorized in one group, and so on. Store your items in room groupings for a quick and organized move.

Also, rent a storage unit with drive-up access to make the process of unloading your truck or other vehicles faster and easier.

couple unloading boxes from a moving truck

Lighten the Load on Moving Day

Self storage can give you a jump on moving your belongings out so you have more time to clean your old place. This is especially helpful if you have to move out by a set day and time. Rent a storage unit a couple of weeks ahead of your move-out date and start to transfer your possessions to your storage unit on your own timeline.

As you transfer everything to your storage unit ahead of moving day, you will have the time and space to clean your former home and other last-minute details. In fact, this approach is very helpful if you plan to show your home or apartment to prospective buyers or renters before your move-out date. Moving non-essential items into storage will get you one step closer to both moving out and selling or renting your old place.

Self storage can be a great resource during the process of moving, including before the move, moving day, and even after the move, as you get settled in your new place. Find a storage facility near you and ask your storage operator what they can do to make relocation easier for you.


Renting a storage unit is easy! Search for available units in your area and reserve one online in minutes.





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