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There aren’t many months more hectic than the final one of a college school year. Of course, there are the dreaded finals serving as a roadblock between you and summer bliss, but you also have to move out of your dorm room and maybe even start applying for internships or jobs. Yeah, sometimes “hectic” doesn’t even do it justice.

There are some ways to make it easier on yourself though, but they namely involve avoiding the college student’s arch nemesis—procrastination.

Working Ahead

The best advice is to work ahead in your classes. When you procrastinate toward the end of a school year, you can very easily end up with too much on your plate. Not only is being stressed not ideal, but it can also have negative physical side effects that might get you sick, which is the last thing you need when dealing with finals.

If some of your classes have final essays or projects, getting those out of the way early can lighten your load tremendously in the final weeks of the school year. This type of work is usually assigned in advance, so use that time to your advantage. Getting assignments out of the way before you study for other classes will make it easier to balance your time.

If you have nothing but a bunch of final exams, the time to start studying is now. When you space out your study sessions, you get far more out of them than you would from cramming, and you’ll experience better retention and results. Studying for every exam at the same time can make studying difficult and overwhelming, so avoid procrastinating!

Keeping a Clean Dorm

It may sound silly, but simply keeping your dorm room clean can create a better studying environment and allow you to study more effectively. Forget about that popular Albert Einstein quote: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” A clean desk helps you avoid the clutter that makes it difficult to concentrate.

Having a clean room will also make move-out day a lot easier because everything will already be organized and easy to pack. If you have to clean your room just to pack things away at the end of your school year, you’ll be dealing with a lot unnecessary work.

Creating a Schedule

Budgeting your time can be a real challenge when the end of the school year rolls around, so creating a schedule for yourself could be advantageous. Try planning out a week in advance with built-in study times for specific classes and time to relax.

You might find that having a schedule will make it easier to get yourself to study throughout the week, too. It’s also much easier to study for two hours a day throughout the week than it is to buckle down for an all-nighter during crunch time.

Between studying for finals, moving out of your dorm, and applying for internships or jobs, there’s already plenty to keep a college student busy. That’s why it’s incredibly valuable to learn how to work ahead and set your own deadlines for completing assignments and studying for final exams. By using your time wisely, you can avoid bringing any additional stress upon yourself, and you can cruise right through the final month of the school year.

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