Looking to move to Nashville, TN? Then you’re in good company. The Music City has consistently been among Forbes’ fastest growing cities in America, recently holding a growth rate of 100 new people per day.


So, why are people moving to Nashville? Between a strong economy, cultural hotspots, and all around vibe, more and more people seek to call Music City home. With that in mind, here are six reasons to move to Nashville.


Nashville Music Scene


There’s a reason it has the nickname Music City, Nashville natives and newcomers alike simply love music, and the most obvious evidence is that is some 180 live music venues, which offer everything from pop to contemporary Christian. And don’t be surprised if you spot a celebrity singer popping in to share a couple songs with a house band. With so many great venues to check out, we recommend this handy list of venues from The Tennessean.


Nashville Healthcare


A lesser known, but no less important, title that Nashville holds is that of the health-care capital of the United States. According to Livability, Music City is home to 300 health-related companies, which include world-class hospitals such as Baptist Hospital, Saint Thomas Hospital, and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


Entrepreneurs are welcome


Nashville is consistently ranked among the top cities for businesses, from Forbes to Livability. Music City even hit a 2.2% unemployment rate in Spring 2018, which was the lowest unemployment of any major metro in America. Nashville residents also have the benefit of organizations such as the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, which with Google for Entrepreneurs to help the local Nashville startup community thrive.


The Nashville Sports scene is growing


As of 2016, Nashville is home to four professional sports teams that offer spectators something to enjoy year round. Nashville natives can root for the Nashville Sounds in Minor League Baseball, the Nashville Soccer Club, The NHL’s Nashville Predators, and the Tennessee Titans of the NFL.


Music City food is where it’s at


If you’re going to be known for music, you better have the food to enjoy along with it—and Nashville never disappoints. Ranked among the top 10 cities for foodies by People Magazine, Nashville is a place where “hot chicken and barbecue are still worth waiting in line for.” Local’s recommend placed like Hattie B’s, where Yelp reviewers recommend anything from their burgers to their hot chicken—you can even get it without the spices if you’re unfamiliar with the hot side of Southern foods. One protip when it comes to drinks: you’ll get a funny look if you ask for unsweetened iced tea.


Life’s just better in Nashville


At the end of the day, many move to Nashville because an overall better quality of life, earning an A- rating on Niche.com, which comes from both data analysis as well as user opinion and feedback. And everything from its diversity to that ever-appealing annual high temperature of a 69.7 degrees has people wanting to call Nashville home.


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